Young India Fellowship Programme

The Young India Fellowship program is not specific to any field. Candidates, who are aspiring to do something worthwhile to improve themselves and the society, can apply for this fellowship. The main expectation in this Fellowship is that the applying candidate must be fluent in reading, writing, and speaking in English.

About the fellowship

The fellowship is very unique and is not limited to one specific kind of applicant profile. The candidate is expected to posses the following qualifications in order to apply for the fellowships.

  • The candidate must possess a sincere ambition to make an effect on the society, by solving problems that are running around.
  • The candidate must have an idea or an issue and its solution in mind, with a solution for the same. This idea must be so important that it could have a broader impact on one of the following.
    • Social implications
    • Academic implications
    • Business implications
  • The candidate must have an attitude and must believe that he/ she will have more and more to learn about.
  • The candidates must be willing to start a new course and inquisitiveness to think differently.
  • The candidates must display the capability to overcome any challenges.
  • The candidate must possess the following qualities.
    • Open Mind
    • Integrity
    • Energy
    • Self-awareness
    • Initiative
  • The candidate must possess an academic record that is at least above average lines.


The eligibility criteria for the candidates to apply for the fellowships are given below.

  • All Indian citizens can apply for the YIF program.
  • The candidates must not be greater than 28 years of age.
  • The candidates must hold a postgraduate or undergraduate degree from a reputed and recognized educational institution or University.
  • The candidates from all specializations are encouraged to apply for the fellowship.
  • The candidates are expected to be proficient in speaking, writing and reading English.
  • The candidates who have PIO/OCI cards are also eligible to apply.

Application and selection

  • Once all the applications are submitted, the selection committee scrutinizes all the applications.
  • The selection committee contains executive around the world and faculties specialized in various areas.
  • The candidate is expected to apply for the fellowship online.
  • Once the first round of selection is done, they are called for an interview over telephone.
  • Once the candidates clear the telephonic interview, they are called for a personal interview.
  • The candidates will also be tested on language and analytical skills during the personal interview.
  • The candidates who clear all the three rounds are finally selected for the fellowship program.
  • YIF also offers an application fee waiver for candidates belonging to few categories. The candidate can check about that on the official website.