Will Last Minute Studies Provide High Scores?

Many of us have a habit. we will finish off works perfectly when we are in a critical situation.we think that critical situation is our best friend. There is a comedy sentence , If something is able to go wrong will go wrong.

This is Exam time. students will be fully concentrating on their exams forgetting everything. Depending on the time for preparation and our speed of preparation prioritizing the subjects, we are preparing a timetable. But generally in this kind of planning there will be some issues. In one situation we are forgetting that we are studying and we are attracted or affected by all other outside happenings. We will not be able to decide these kind of things. At the last minute we may suffer from  sudden fever. Any of our friend who is in problem may  expect our help or else any of our guest may come to our home without any prior information.

So last minute disturbances and all would be unavoidable many times. So the only idea for this is managing all these and being prepared. So prioritize your goals and responsibilities and keep in mind. Never confuse about what others are expecting from you. At the same time you need to be prepared for all these kind of unexpected problems. So need not prepare a timetable very hardly, prepare it in a simple way keeping in mind all these unexpected happenings and he way of resolving it. Public Exams are very very important situation in a student’s life. According to that a long time planning and committing hard work is very much required. There is a confidence for the students in the urban areas saying last minute studies would be much helpful. But the fact is after studying a content, moreover will be forgotton in the first 24 hours only.

Studying a new topic at the last minute is not encouragable. studying the same thing again and again will keep you memorized. Last minute studies will always give you sorrows. If criticality helps you finish off your works perfectly in some situation, we should keep in mind that it will also give you more difficulties and problems. Postphoning will always provide a disturbing situation.

In our life unexpected disturbances are always unavoidable. But  still this will not be a problem for those who are planning and preparing right from the beginning. Because those who study a particular content already will easily be able to revise it at the last minute. So whenever time permits studying without wasting is better than believing in the last minute and  falling down. so that we  be able to achieve success without any difficulties.

17 Replies to “Will Last Minute Studies Provide High Scores?”

  1. nice idea ……… i have work very hard for your board exam but at last minute i have fear thst if some misunderstanding happen in exam it suddenly affect my percentage

  2. I always suffer from this problem( last minute studies) but I am an average student I think I should avoid it because next year I have to face board exams my aim is to get very good marks to make my parents proud

    1. Well, since you will answering your boards, you will have to definitely leave the habit of last minute reading as it could land you in trouble.

      And the boards will ask you questions on application basis so just memorizing the lessons wont help you. You need to put in more time and effort.


    1. Good work Hashvatha,

      Last minute studying has now become a problem among most of the students but you can still work on them and make your reading habits better

    1. Khyati,

      You still have time to concentrate and make it better..

      All you have to do is read through whatever you are taught in class for the day and in case of mathematics just work out the problems, you are still young and you can make it better.


  3. i too have this problem but it always worked for me. now i have JEE mains exam in april and very less time to prepare. can you please suggest me anything?

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