Vice Chancellor’s Indian Scholarships at University of Sheffield in UK

The University of Sheffield in United Kingdom is inviting applications from the Indian students wishing to pursue their research/PhD in the university in the academic year 2014-15. The candidates can undergo the training in one of the doctoral training centres at the University in their chosen field of research. The research can be extended for 3 to 4 years as per the norms of the university. The scholarship provider is the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom.

Scholarship details

The scholarship funding is provided by the University of Sheffield’s doctoral training centre. The main objective of the doctoral training centre DTC is to generate more number of doctoral research scholars in the global market place. The DCT scholars will become a member of a vibrant group of scientists and researchers not just in their chosen group of research stream but also in the inter-disciplinary courses across academic institutions and disciplines. The DTC students enjoy a varying PhD experience which in a way is so enriching with full of opportunities to mingle with other high qualified researchers from various disciplines and roles of research.

The Doctoral training centre (DCT) has found itself a great place as a research centre providing varying and individual PhD experiences.

The scholarships are being provided in the research areas of Bio-Science: Mechanistic Biology and its strategic application, Engineering: Advanced Metallic systems, Engineering: Energy Storage, Natural Environment adapting to the challenges of a changing environment and Social sciences, Arts and Humanities.

Eligibility Criteria for the Scholarship

The criteria of eligibility for the above scholarships are given below.

  1. The applicants should be Indian residents and should be having a first class degree from an Indian Institution.
  2. All the entry criteria should be satisfied by the candidate before entering the PhD.
  3. The candidate should be applying to the University to pursue the full time PhD program in one of the Doctoral Training centres at the University for the academic year of study 2013-14.

Duration of the scholarship

The duration of the scholarship may last for up to three to four years on the basis of the chosen field of Research stream. The number of scholarships awarded to the Indian applicants is about 10.

Scholarship fee

The scholarship fee for the above program helps to cover the following for the new PhD students.

  1. Full tuition fees for the entire overseas study.
  2. A tax-free stipend which is annual is provided at the UK Research rate of 13,680 pounds in the year 2013-14.

Application deadline

The applications are to be sent by the date of 30th May, 2014. The shortlisted successful candidates will be informed and notified after the closing date but by the end of July 31st, 2014.