TWAS-IACS Fellowship Program for Developing Countries’ Scholars in India

The TWAS-IACS (Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science) is pleased to invite applications from the students of developing countries (excluding India) to pursue research fellowships at IACS.

Scholarship details

The scholarships are provided to the students, research scholars, young scientists belonging to the developing countries other than India who are desirous of pursuing post graduation and post doctoral research in the field of natural sciences at IACS (Indian Association of cultivation of Science), Kolkata, India. The study subjects of research include condensed matter physics, biological chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, polymer science and non-conventional energy, theoretical physics, spectroscopy and physical chemistry.

Scholarship fee amount

The scholarship amount is not known exactly but it is a monthly stipend intending to cover the living costs, health insurance and food. The scholarship fee is not to be converted into any other currency.

Duration or Tenure of the Award

The postgraduate fellowships given to the applicants can be extended for a period of 4 years leading to PhD studies at the TWAS-IACS campus, Kolkata. The IACS-TWAS fellowships can be extended from six months till a period of twelve months.

The scholarship is for the students and research scholars from developing countries (excluding the country India) which are listed in the official website. The applicants are requested to go through the list carefully before applying for the same.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for the students to pursue the TWAS-IACS Fellowship are listed below.

  1. The Applicant should be a maximum age of 30 years for the post graduation and 40 years is for the post doctoral applications at the time of application.
  2. Should be a holder of post graduation/doctoral PhD program in the stream of natural sciences.
  3. Be a resident or national of a developing nation (not including India)
  4. Should not have any temporary or permanent visa in India or in any of the developing countries.
  5. Should be a current employee of a developing country with a research assignment here.
  6. Should be in a position to submit an official acceptance letter from the department of IACS.
  7. Provide an efficiency of English proof.

How to Apply

The applicants should be submitting the acceptance letter from the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Sciences (IACS) while applying to the scholarship. The acceptance letter is required for the preliminary round of evaluation itself otherwise the application will not be considered at all for the selection process.

The applicants to the post doctoral fellowship should need to send a copy of their application form to both IACS (copy of the application in hard copy) and TWAS (by fax, email or by post).