Time Management

TIME, these four alphabets drive every action of our life and when it comes to exams, it is your primary deciding factor in terms of preparation and execution.

This article will throw light on two main aspects of time management.

1.Time Management Before Exams

2.Time Management During Exams

As far as Time Management Before Exams is concerned, this article would be of help to those preparing in the last minute, say a day before exam.

1. Focus on Important Portions:

Identify all important portion, using previous ten years question papers. Your teacher/professor would have told you all significant portions, identify and mark those as well.

Now if you have 35 important questions in all, finish them from morning to evening.

Devote late evenings for chapter wise preparations. If you are a late riser, extend your studying till 12 in the night and not more than that. If you think early morning will prove effective, go to bed by 11 and rise by 4 am. On the whole you need to catch up on as much as portions you can.

2.Get Enough Sleep:

Not less than 5 hours of sleep before examinations. Else, your concentration and memory power will be in trouble and you’ll spend too much time thinking and recollecting while writing your exam and lose out on time. So plan the sleep accordingly.

As far as Time Management during exams is concerned:

1.Read the question Paper thoroughly:

First thing to do when you get your question paper is to read it completely. This will help you know, which are the questions that need more time, which ones can be completed easily. Don’t ever skip this step, else you’ll not be able to manage time effectively.

2.Time Every section:

Be it 2 Marks, 5 Marks, 10 Marks or 20 Marks, time every section. In general it is better to finish all big questions first and then move to smaller sections, so that you will not have a huge mountain to climb towards the fag end. But again, if you think that following the structure will help you, then plan every section properly.

3.Spend last ten minutes for revision and presentation:

Don’t waste time checking and rechecking while writing your exam. This would only make you lose out on your precious minutes. Best thing to do is to wind your writing 10 minutes before and spend the last 10 minutes on revisiting your paper, drawing lines, using different colors, highlighting and making it presentable.

Don’t ever panic.This is very important to manage time. Getting anxious will neither improve things, not help you plan things. First thing to remember during Time Management is keep cool, be confident and then plan your time. Good Luck!

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  2. This advice will help me a lot as i’m preparing for my biostatistics exams of tuesday. God bless you

  3. thankyou. I am very slow in my writing. So I can not finish my exam in time. say a solution pls

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