The Syntax Of Success

Success means more than money, fame or managing tasks well– it’s also about getting the best out of yourself, gaining respect, controlling stress, and leading a happy, calm and fulfilling life. Here are a few tips to help you become, and stay, truly successful.

Make Every Drop Count

The  corporate message of  The Coca- Cola Company is  , ‘Make Every Drop Count’. This reminds us all of a toddler who learns how to walk. They’re often not successful on the first try. They take some steps here, and stop. Then they take some steps there, and stop. This goes on for a while, until all the small steps turn into a toddler who has now learned how to walk. Mission Accomplished!Back to our Coca- Cola Company, every tiny effort we take counts, in other words, a single frame is the beginning of a movie, agree?

Irresistibly Attractive

Being irresistibly attractive is about energy. It’s about your energy, and the energy of the people with whom you relate. It’s invisible, it’s real, and it’s very powerful. And it’s YOUR energy that directs how you live success. Here is a secret,”like attracts like”.

The Importance Of Smile

“SMILE, AND THE WORLD SMILES WITH YOU.”It feels wonderful when people smile at you!It makes you want to smile right back. It’s a gift you give without thinking. Your smile IS important. When you recognize that it’s more than just a simple smile, when you give it away freely because you can, it will UPLIFT both you and the people you’re smiling at! 🙂