Celebration of Exam Festival

This title sounds little odd! Isn’t it? Exam -fear time, the time we never wish to occur in the year, we never want to face, school pressure, peer pressure, tuition teacher pressure, coaching sir’s pressure and parents larger than life expectation, so how could we use the term festival, the word symbolic representation of merry faces and okay even if it is a festival we absolutely never wants to celebrate it right?

We are living in this twenty first century, where nothing exceeds the success. We all want to be rich, have crore’s of package or say huge fan, our own interviews and the exciting list never ends. From very childhood we are asked to chase these dreams and only medium to see them coming true is the exams. We are pushed into the vicious circle of “you want a mobile phone, get me 90% and above”!These are the things which has taken a simple route of working hard ,getting results to a curve of a big dramatical winner result.

We must always remember that the thread of our life’s kite is always in our hand. Okay we get that people really expects a lot from us but there must be ours expectations, emotions and willingness .It is the time to break the circle and drop off the pressure to its lowest point and really celebrate this amazing festival of exams. Whatever I am saying must not be confused by not taking it seriously or not preparing for it but in fact being more serious via enjoying it, so it becomes a festival.

So, now the coolest part of it how to get this burden off our heads ,so that we really start enjoying these ’bulky’ books, ’boring ‘teachers and’ irritating’ tutors. No, the very first step starts with not comparing! Whatsoever, whosoever says “see her she got 95% even without tuition and you”, c’mon it is your life and nobody could make you look worthless, just ignore these people till they come back to their senses, trust me. Next is even bigger step to start analysing your routine and habits like say when the class begins you are at your extreme interest ,but by the time its end you are completely lost .So first of all consider yourself normal instead of some ‘lazy, careless’ student. Devise your own strategy to it like for e.g. to make sure that whenever you feel fatigue drink water or the minute teacher interacts with other teacher lie down on the bench, it really works. Lastly, learn to accept your mistakes, ’shortcomings’ and be extremely open to talk about it to your parents, teachers or say siblings.

Always remember that nobody is a born genius, we all learn from our mistakes! Focus on your mistakes, learn from them then those scary ‘Exams‘ would become a festival of celebration of overcoming your shortcomings and cheer to new and better you!