Scholastic Assessment Test – SAT Entrance Exam

About SAT Exam
Scholastic Assessment Test or SAT is an admission test to the colleges of the United States.  The SAT exam is completely owned, developed and published by College Board, a nonprofit organization in the US.  It is one of the most sought after admission tests among students worldwide who want to bag admission in undergraduate courses in US colleges and universities. It tests the students on the basic yet most important topics necessary for academic success in college, i.e., reading, writing and mathematics.

SAT Exam Structure
SAT, introduced in 2005, is a three hours forty-five minutes test. It tests your analyzing and problem solving skills. The test consists of three main sections: critical reading (formerly verbal), mathematics and writing. Each major section is divided into three sub-sections. Each section receives a score in the scale of 200-800. All scores are given in multiples of 10. Adding up your scores for each section gives your total SAT score. The difficulty level of question ranges from easy to hard. Typically the easier questions generally appear at the beginning of each section and harder questions at the end, but it may not necessarily be so.

SAT Critical Reading:
Critical reading contains two twenty-five minutes sections and another twenty minutes section.  This section contains various types of questions, ranging from sentence completion to short and long passages. The number of questions in each passage is proportional to the length of the passage.

SAT Mathematics:
Mathematics or quantitative section also has two twenty-five minutes section and another twenty minutes section. One of the two twenty-five minutes section is entirely multiple choice with 20 questions. The other 25 minutes section contains 8 multiple choice questions and grid-in-questions. For the latter, you need to write the answers inside a grid given in the answer sheet. The twenty minutes section contains 16 multiple choice questions.

SAT Writing:
This section includes multiple choice questions and a brief essay.  The multiple choice questions include error identification, sentence improvement and paragraph improvement questions. The essay section, which is generally the first part of the section, is for duration of 25 minutes.

SAT Exam Eligibility and Fees:
As such there is no eligibility for SAT. You can take your SAT exam after your class XII boards or even while you are in class XI. All you need to keep in mind the deadlines for college admission dates. The current SAT reasoning test costs $49 ($75 for international candidates) excluding late fees.

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