Scholarships for students from African Countries – Africa Scholarship Scheme

The scholarships by the Government of India for the neighbouring countries have seen a great response and are instrumental in making life easier for the students of these countries. The Indian council for cultural relations (ICCR) with its main objective of awarding scholarships to the neighbouring countries has made 24 scholarship schemes with 3365 scholarships for the students of many neighbouring countries of India.

All these scholarships are broken up accordingly for the students of various countries. Of all of them, around 900 scholarships are awarded to the African students annually who wish to pursue their under graduate, post graduate and masters program at Indian leading universities. The India African Forum summit held at New Delhi, had witnessed the Prime Minister of India increasing the number of academic opportunities for the African students to study at India’s leading universities and prestigious institutions.

The scholarships from ICCR are offered to the students of places from Nigeria, Benin, Cameroon, and Chad. The meritorious students from these regions of Africa are eligible to apply under the African scholarship scheme.

For the academic year 2013-14, the number of scholarship awards is given according to the region. The slots of the scholarship offer for the Nigeria region would be 4. The number of scholarships for the Benin region is 2. The number for the Cameroon region is one and the number for the Chad region is one.

Scholarship Fee and its break-up:

The scholarship fee for the African students varies for different disciplines according to the level of the education. The breakup of the scholarship is divided in to four sections. i.e. the living allowance/stipend, the contingent grant, the house rent allowance, and the tuition fee or the actual compulsory fee.

The living allowance provided for the under-graduate students comes to 4500 rupees per month. The same amounts to 5000 rupees per month for the post graduate courses, 6000 rupees per month for the research courses and 6500 rupees for the post doctoral courses.

The Contingent grant for the engineering undergraduate courses comes to 4500 rupees per annum, the post graduate courses comes to 6000 rupees per annum. The grant for the courses like Medicine and M.E/M.Tech comes to 15,000 and 12,000 per annum respectively.

The other benefits the scholarship covers would be the House rent allowance (varies according to the place studying) and the tuition fee for the course undertaken by the student.

Eligibility Criteria:

The eligibility for the candidature of the African students to study with the scholarships is provided at the website detailed guidelines and complete admission procedure.

How to Apply:

The scholarship nominations are approached from the meritorious candidates for the above mentioned slots.

The last date or the deadline to apply for the scholarship is 31st of January, 2013.

Further details on the scholarship applications can be obtained from the above said official website.