Scholarships for Sri Lankan Nationals

The scholarships are provided to the various countries and different nationalities by the Government of India for the benefit of students to pursue several undergraduate, post-graduate, doctoral and post doctoral research studies at the leading Indian Universities and world class institutions.

The Indian council of cultural relations, shortly known as ICCR, founded by Maulana Abul Azad in 1950, is an apex body of the Government of India offering many scholarships to the students of various neighbouring countries. The scholarship programme is an initiative to finance students of various countries to pursue higher education in diverse fields of studies.

While students who wish to pursue professional courses can apply under the particular slot of scholarship scheme, those who also wish to apply for the non-formal courses like Indian classical music, classical dance, sculpture, art forms etc are also encouraged to apply for the same. They are offered these special scholarships under ICCR’s 24 scholarships available. The students are advised to go through the eligibility criteria to apply for various disciplines at the Indian universities/colleges.

Apart from the ICCR scholarships, the Indian Government also has taken various efforts to provide Sri Lankan students to pursue education through other fellowships given below.

  1. Maulana Azad scholarship scheme
  2. Rajiv Gandhi Scholarship scheme
  3. Indo-Sri Lanka cultural exchange Programme
  4. SAARC and commonwealth fellowship
  5. Self-financed slots for Professional courses

Maulana Azad Scholarship scheme

This scholarship has been newly added in the year 2012-13 to the list for Sri Lankan students who wish to pursue their Masters in Agriculture, Engineering and Science. Around 50 scholarships are provided to the students annually to pursue quality research programmes in world class institutions in India.

Rajiv Gandhi Scholarship scheme

The Sri-Lankan meritorious students who are desirous of pursuing Information technology in top-leading universities at India can apply through this scholarship programme. This has also been introduced in the year 2012-13 for the benefit of Sri Lankan nationals signifying the India’s growth in Information Technology.

Indo-Sri Lanka cultural exchange Programme

As part of the cultural programme scholarship, Indo-Sri Lankan cultural exchange programme has been introduced for the benefit of students desirous of pursuing oriental disciplines such as dance, music, and drama.

The students are offered these five scholarships every year at the doctoral and post doctoral studies via the cultural wing of the Indian High commission.

SAARC scholarships

A limited number of scholarships are offered to the Sri-Lankan students as part of commonwealth programme. One fellowship and two scholarships are offered to the meritorious students to pursue post graduate courses and research related activities at Indian universities.

Self-Financed slots

The government of India has announced 40 seats for Sri Lankan students to pursue medial and engineering courses at the leading Government institutions in India.