Scholarships for Mongolian Nationals – Aid to Mongolia Scholarship Scheme

The Indian council of Cultural relations popularly known as ICCR has done enormous service to strengthen India’s cultural relations with other neighbouring countries for the fostering of relationships between the nations. The objectives of ICCR are to participate in the policies and regulations which help foster India’s cultural relations with other neighbouring countries.

In view of these objectives, the ICCR has come up with many benefits to the students of foreign countries to pursue quality education in top most Indian universities and leading Institutions at various parts of the country.

About the ICCR scholarships

Under around 24 scholarship schemes, ICCR has offered around 3365 scholarships to students of overseas countries to pursue their undergraduate, postgraduate, research and post doctoral levels. Though all the overseas students belong to the developing countries, there are students wishing to join Indian universities from developed countries too.

The ICCR has done significant contribution to such overseas students and currently there are around 4700 plus students pursuing various different streams from various different countries of about 130 studying in our country. The overseas nations for which the students are offered various scholarships include Africa, Asia, Indonesia, Nepal, Bhutan, Malaysia, Maldives, Afghanistan, Iran, Central America, Australia, etc.

The candidates should however keep in mind that the Indian universities are independent and are autonomous. Hence they have the right to completely check the complete selection information about the scholarship and admission procedure in the university of their wish.

The information about the various schemes and scholarships are also given at the official site.

Mongolia Scholarship scheme

The ICCR has divided its 24 scholarship schemes for various countries in different disciplines and fields. Such scholarships seem to be beneficial to the students of other nations. The scholarships are also given for the professional courses like engineering, accountancy, pharmacy, Para-medical courses, Management and business administration. The streams like Indian classical dance, music, painting, and sculpture are also given importance thereby helping students to provide them with the scholarships.

The Mongolia scholarship scheme is introduced to benefit the students and scholars from Mongolia to pursue quality education such as under-graduate, post-graduate, doctoral and postdoctoral programmes at Indian universities and leading recognised Institutions.

For more Details

For further more details, the Mongolian nationals are advised to get details about the scholarship scheme from the Embassy of India available at Mongolia before applying for the university concerned.