Scholarships for Maldivian Nationals – Aid to Maldives Scholarship Scheme

The Indo-Maldives relations have been great and friendly. Both the nations share good amount of cultural, ethnic, linguistic and religious links held in multi-dimensional and cordial relations. It is a known fact that India, after its independence found Maldives and went to make good diplomatic relations with the nation. Since the relations have only strengthened from time, all the Presidents of Maldives have visited India during their tenures and continued their bilateral relationships.

India has continuously extended its support to the Maldivian nationals in the entire International forums such as SAARC, UN and the commonwealth. Today, India has the most comprehensive educational systems which is of high quality education and affordable too. Proximity as well makes it a perfect choice for Maldivian nationals to opt for Indian quality education.

About Scholarships

India has always supported its assistance in all the areas of cultural and bilateral relations for Maldives. The offer of scholarships for the students and scholars of Maldives to pursue higher studies at India is done by many organisations.

The following were known to help students with various scholarships schemes.

  1. The ICCR scholarships
  2. Medical scholarships
  3. SAARC chair fellowships
  4. Technical Cooperation scheme for Colombo plan
  5. ITEC scholarships and training

The offer of scholarship is not only the steps taken to permit the higher studies but several trainings are offered to the Maldivian diplomats under the Professional course for foreign diplomats (PCFD) program by Indian foreign service Institute.

The ICCR scholarships

The ICCR was founded by the independent India’s first educational minister, Maulana Abul Azad in 1950. The council has its own policies and formulations in place to foster cultural exchange and mutual understanding with other neighbouring countries. The ICCR has offered several scholarships to the students from all over the world aspiring to pursue quality education at India’s leading institutions and topmost universities.

Under its 24 scholarship schemes, India offers 3350 scholarships to its neighbouring countries. Around 4000 students are continuing their higher education in India under ICCR various scholarship schemes. These scholarships offer education from under-graduate level to post-doctoral level in all the leading universities spread over the country for pursuing higher education.

The scholarships for the various courses are given different slots. During the year 2013-14, the students from Maldives were offered several scholarships for various courses.

Around 13 slots were offered to the Maldivian nationals under the Scheme 1 – General Cultural scholarship scheme (GCSS). Around 3 slots were given to the students under Cultural Exchange Programme (CEP), Commonwealth scheme offered 4 slots and Aid to Maldives scheme offered around 20 slots for the students of Maldives.

Application Procedure

The scholarships can be downloaded from the official website. Duly completes six application forms with necessary documents have to be submitted to the universities/Institutions via Ministry of External Affairs.