Scholarship for students from SAARC Countries

The scholarship for the students from SAARC countries is yet another scholarship scheme instrumental in helping the students from the SAARC member countries to pursue under graduate, post graduate and doctoral programmes. The scholarship comes under the SAARC scholarship scheme exclusively made for the students to pursue various programmes and courses of study at world class institutions without any much hassle.

The South Asian University (SAU) is the association which takes care of the scholarships provided under the various schemes introduced by the government of India. An apex body of South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation (SAARC) it is, and a prodigy idea from our then Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh, SAU funds and offers many international scholarships for students to aspire/pursue their dreams in top academic institutions in India. The South Asian University offers three different scholarships from the eight member countries in the SAARC member countries.

The main objective for such schemes is to provide financial aid to the aspiring candidates and promote regional cooperation along with peace with the help of cultural interaction and education within the SAARC member countries.

Scholarship details:

Under the scheme, one of the scholarships helps the students to cover the tuition fees which may amount to twenty-two thousand per month (22000 Rupees) along with seven thousand rupees per month (7000) as living expenses for the academic year. It is a full tuition waiver made exclusive for the students who have the zeal to learn and make it better for their living.

Application details:

The application forms can be downloaded from the relevant websites for the eight different SAARC countries/ The students are advised to go through the criteria of eligibility thoroughly and if found eligible, are advised to send the duly filled in forms to the respective commissions in the SAARC countries for their nominations.

The students who pursued education found these scholarships really helpful and supportive leading them to become success stories in their own way. Some of them had the opportunity to save money from their living expenses and send it back to the families which they consider a great boon from the initiative.

The students can also extract more benefits from such scholarships as told by the Vice-president of the SAU University. The students there can work in study rooms, library, common rooms and computer labs on an hourly basis. This is an initiative under ‘work and learn programmes’ offered at the South Asian University.

Such steps make the students life much easy and go a long way to help them lead financially independent while they are still at the academics. These students are also eligible for a medical insurance policy of rupees One lakh fifty thousand.

The scholarship fee details, application forms can be downloaded from the official website and needs to be sent to the respective commissions before the last date.

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