Rajiv Gandhi Scholarship Scheme

The Rajiv Gandhi scholarship scheme was launched by the Government of India as a central scheme for the benefit of Scheduled castes to pursue higher education leading to M.Phil and PhD degrees in the fields of Science, Humanities, Engineering, Technology and Social Sciences. This scheme has been revised from the year 2010 in the interest of the scheduled caste students. It is a step or an initiative to provide opportunities for the deprived section of the society to take up advance/higher studies and research.

It caters to the many requirements of the economically weaker section of the society to aspire for their dream careers with the help of the increased opportunities. Not only it helps them to get eligible for various employment opportunities like lecturers in educational institutions, it also allows them to get equipped with the increasing opportunities in the various research level institutions and world class technical research universities at India.

It is UGC (University Grants Commission) that is now taking care of all the implementation of this scheme and fund process.

Number of Scholarships

The University Grants Commission has invited applications for the scholarships to the SC/ST candidates for the year 2013-14. The offer of scholarships for the SC candidates is about 2000 awards and for the ST candidates are about 667 fellowships for the year 2013-14. The UGC Scholarship is for pursuing full time studies which will lead the students to earn a degree of M.Phil or PhD in their educational fields.

Criteria of Eligibility

The criteria of eligibility for the applying this scholarship is mentioned below.

  1. The applicant should be belonging to the category SC/ST and should have passed their post-graduation.
  2. The candidate should get registered with the M.Phil or PhD within the award of the scholarship. The selection is purely based on merit of the students.
  3. The scholarship can be availed by the student totally at the date of joining the fellowship or from the date of approval of the fellowship, whichever is later.
  4. The time of availing the scholarship cannot be extended more than 2 years.

Nature of Assistance

The assistance provided to the students who get availed to this fellowship is initially for two years. Once the fellowship is nearing its expiry, the complete work of the fellow is required to be evaluated by the head of the committee, one supervisor, one subject matter expert of the concerned department of the university/college. The UGC fellowship may get withdrawn for the student if his/her work is considered unsatisfactory. The student will be known as Rajiv Gandhi National Junior Research fellow. If the student may show improvement after the initial period, then he/she can avail the scholarship for the next three years. The total period is for five years for the scholarship.