Photography as a career

Being a kid was supposed to be fun. When did it all get so twisted? As soon as the child reaches 5th or 6th standard, parents enroll them to different tuition classes and make them write various examinations. Every waking moment of the child’s life is spent being coached or studying. The pressure from the parents and teachers to excel is so much that it kills the innocence and drives them forcefully to join this race in life where everything is monotonous and dull. The time where children came home school, threw their bags in a corner and ran out to play with their friends seem ages ago now. The world of competition has become so severe that children are burdened heavily with its toll. The expectations and desires of most parents are dropped on these children’s shoulder at a very young age. The main goal of most of the children (or parents) is to be a doctor or an engineer. Their natural talents are curbed, their interests and their passion is pushed aside and their dreams become replaced by that of their parents. This way of life has become so natural that these days, if you ask a kid what his\her dreams are, the answer is to be an engineer or a doctor. This has become a natural course of life.

What most people, especially most parents do not know in that prosperity and content can be found in other careers also. The most passionate job is the job when one puts ones heart and soul in it. A parent must realize the potential in their children from their creative aspects or their hobbies. If a parent is unable to grasp that these seemingly minor hobbies that are done for pass time can also be turned around as a career and a fully functional and successful one at that, children should be able to educate them about this. For instance, if a child is a camera buff and loves to document all the parties and family functions or keeps snapping pictures of random things, trying to capture the shades of everything around through the lens of a camera, there are various options. Taking photography as a career is quite a challenge but if it is one’s true passion, the outcome is very fruitful. For a career, there are many options that a person can choose from. There is photojournalism, which is using photographs to tell the news story. Picture makes the story more effective. The work can be done independently or through various news agencies. There is also Fashion photography which is all about capturing glamour, elegance and sophistication with the camera. This can be achieved by joining fashion houses or fashion magazines. If one is interested in capturing the pure beauty of nature and the lives in it, one can join magazines that carry stories about travels and wildlife. Wildlife photography requires a lot of patience and dedication. One can also make a living by shooting the most important moments of people’s lives like weddings, threading ceremonies, birthdays, family get together and other social events. There is also still photography which is known as still photography which involves capturing inanimate objects. Portrait photography is a genre where one can set up studios and capture pictures. With proper research and wise choices, a career in photography would be very successful.

“You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.”
― Ansel Adams

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    1. you need to decide on your subjects and then you wil have to apply for the exams!! what are your interests?

  1. Asalamo alayekum!
    I m 12th passed n i wnt to become wildlifephotographer but my parents are not allowing me to do so, ………..coz they think its nt a succeeeful carrier ……is it true….
    plz give me rply

    1. well, it depends completely on how you work it out AAmir, !!!

      there are several wild life photographers in the industry you could google them for their names and then apply with the sample of your photographs

      it is a very interesting career, but you will have to travelling a lot to achieve your feats !!!

    2. I want to be a photographer but it also a great job of my life but there is no way to get this please help us. I am a graduate student. from uttar pradesh

  2. Assalam u Alaikum. I want to publish my thinking n my views on every topic.but I don’t know how’s this possible?plz guide me how I can do it.? I m very thankful to u.

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