NIIT Turning Point Scholarship

Secured good marks in your plus 2, college 1st year or your graduation? Happiness is not all that you are going to carry, but a very interesting scholarship too! We have heard of a lot of such Scholarship programmes for school and college students and by far, the most popular is the NIIT’s Turning Point. True to it’s name, it would really act as a giant leap in your career.

Heard of the term GNIIT? GNIIT is the industry ready program offered by NIIT to students in colleges and to those completed their schooling. It is important that students keep themselves updated and are in par with Industry standards. Suppose a corporate has an option of hiring a candidate who has got at least a fair knowledge,  potential about their business, good knowledge about the sector ,in depth knowledge on current and future trends with minimal training requirements…will they ever say a non affirmative reply?

That’s exactly what the GNIIT will offer you. It would mould you in such and such a way that a student can be a straight match to the current requirements and nothing will seem French, Greek and Latin to them, when he/she enters the corporate world.

Having said all this, don’t you feel like jumping up and enrolling for GNIIT?

While NIIT charges one and a half lakh INR approx for 3 years duration. How about a waiver/scholarship?!

This is exactly the turning point of the story and where Turning Point Scholarship comes into picture.

 The highlights of the Scholarship include:

  • A prodigious 50 percent waiver from fees for those students who have scored  95 percentage or more .
  • An unbeatable scholarship of 35 percentage for those who have scored between 80 to 95 percentage.
  • A bewildering scholarship of 25 percentage for those who have scored between 70 to 79 percentage.
  • A chip in scholarship of 20 percentage for those who have scored between 50 to 69 percentage.
  • A genteel 10 percentage scholarship for the rest.

 There are 4 basic streams under which GNIIT offers the scholarship.

 1.Software Engineering (36 months program)

 2.Systems Engineering and Networking (36 months program)

 3.Business System & Information Management (36 months program) 4.Information Systems Management (36 months program)

Networking, IT, IS, SE are core areas and ever booming. Opportunities seldom comes one way and when it does it is a absolute sweep. Pick it up and go for it. Remember investing in the right career can never go wrong. This is exactly what makes one go in and pursue the GNIIT Course and now with the assured scholarship, there is no reason to say a no.

 What more are you waiting for? Go and join now and secure your future with the marks you have secured.