NEET Indian Medical Entrance Examination

All India Medical entrance Tests, in the form of AIPMT or NEET, starts from May 5, 2013. The students are rather worried about the preparation schedule and syllabus for the exams that will be held as they all fear that there is no clear picture of the above. But there is nothing to worry assures the     National Educational Board since the CBSE and NCERT have got together in appraising the study prospectus of various states around India and have framed the syllabus and questionnaire accordingly.

Consent for the NEET as the ultimate Medical entrance exam?
Many states have accepted this NEET as the ultimate decision exam for the entrance into prestigious Medical Institutions around India. A few states including Tamil Nadu have not gone with all NEET format. About 271 Medical colleges in India comply to NEET and provide 31,000 seats thusly.

AIMS a part of this?
AIMS, being a prestigious Medical Institution has denied the concept of NEET and sticks with its own Entrance examination as it believes in maintaining the Institute’s standard high by being self contained rather than going public.

The NEET Pattern
The pattern is a little different as compared to the AIPMT conducted till last year. The AIPMT usually consists of 200 questions with 50 questions each from 4 subjects namely Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany. It was scheduled for 3 hours and carried a negative marking system by ¼ marks per wrong answer. The NEET will follow the same pattern with same subjects and same % of negative marking but it will have a total of 180 questions with a sum of 45 marks per each section/subject.

What to prepare?
The NEET system is basically framed by CBSE and NCERT boards, hence thoroughly revising the 11th and 12th standard NCERT science books should help a lot. Following which practicing the model question papers from AIPMT of previous years should help. The main objective is to complete the answers within the set time limit for each section. So practice on the time score is definitely a must. Atleast practicing 15-20 AIPMT model question papers will give a clear picture on the time constraint and questioning pattern.

Step by step Prep for NEET
It is necessary to prepare for this examination step-by-step rather than rushing at the end. So inclusive of the daily revision of one’s own subject lessons in the Physics, Chemistry, botany and Zoology subjects, working out a few questions from the model papers every day will also help tremendously in paving the right course to success with this NEET program.

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  1. respected sir
    i want the date of entrance examination which is going to be held in between 2013 to 2014
    can u plzzzz send me the dates of all entrance examination after the qualification of 12

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