Merit cum Means Scholarship

The Merit cum Means Scholarship aims to offer financial assistance to the meritorious and poor students who belong to minority communities. This is to enable these candidates to pursue technical and professional courses. These scholarships are open only for studies in India. The scholarships will be awarded through an Agency that is designated by UT Administration/ the State Government especially for this purpose.


The eligibility criteria for the candidates are given below.

  • The candidates should have got admission in an authorized or well recognized college to take up professional/technical courses based on the competitive examination.
  • The candidates who have not taken up any competitive examination for taking up the course are also eligible to apply for the scholarship.
  • Such students should have scored at least 50% throughout their academic areas.
  • The selection of the candidates is based on merit.
  • The candidate taking up this scholarship cannot take up any other scholarships apart from this one.
  • The candidates’ applying should not have an annual family income that does not exceed Rs.2.50 lakhs from all possible sources.
  • The allocation of the scholarship is based on the candidates’ residing State or UT irrespective of where the candidate is going to take up.

Other Information

The candidates must make sure they know all these information before applying for the scholarship.

  • Around 2000 scholarships are awarded every year for the minorities in the respective states or Union Territories.
  • The candidates can apply online on forward the downloaded and duly filled application through mail to the appropriate address.
  • The candidates are requested to read all the terms, conditions and FAQs carefully before applying for the scholarship.
  • The fee for studies will be directly paid by the scholarship committee to the educational institution directly.
  • The maintenance fee will be credited to the candidates account every month.
  • The scholarship continuation to the next years in their studies depends upon the candidates’ performance every year.
  • Once all the applications are scrutinized a budget is prepared by the committee for allocating the scholarship amount among the selected candidates.
  • The state department also maintains a bank account for the same purpose.
  • Around 30% of the scholarships are reserved for girls.
  • The number of scholarships is fixed for each state or Union Territory.
  • The candidates will receive approximately 5000 rupees per month as maintenance.
  • The scholarship scheme is also reevaluated for improvements and alterations at regular intervals.
  • The scholarship is completely dependent on the performance of the candidate. In case the candidate displays unsatisfactory performance, the scholarship will be discontinued immediately.
  • Wrong or incomplete or invalid information in the application will not be encouraged. Such applications will be directly disqualified.