Maharashtra State Certificate in Information Technology – MSCIT Certification Exam

MS- CIT Maharashtra State Certificate in Information Technology is a certification examination for information technology that is held under the banner of Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd. The total marks that could be obtained in the finals are 100, out of which 50% weightage is given to the internal assessments and the other 50% weightage to the final exams. The marking scheme is denoted by codes, viz. MKCL and MSBTE respectively. The final examination, also known as MSBTE is mandatory for the students. The other 50 marks that could be obtained by the internal assessments or MKCL even have a break-up into two equal sections of 25 marks each. The first part is known as Learning Progression and known as MKCL consists of 25 marks. And the other part is the midterm examinations, also known as MKCL-Mandatory consists of the rest 25 marks.

The learning progression which has a weightage of 25 marks is based on Performance Oriented new and innovative approach to score marks during the process and relies on the concept of taking challenges. The midterm examination which also carries 25 marks in the final certificate will be conducted at the learning centre of a learner. Certificate will be provided at the end of this mandatory test to the learner. It must be noted that this test does not consists of a minimum passing marks. The duration of this test is 60 minutes and consists of 50 questions awarding ½ marks for each. The test will have a similar interface as that of the final test and the learner can have only 1 attempt for the examination, though he can appear for the mock or practice papers for unlimited times. The syllabus for the midterm examinations contains subjects such as System software, System Unit, Input and output device, and Secondary storage in the Theory. The Practical would consist of the subjects Windows, Word, and Excel.

For the final examinations the candidate has to appear online. The criteria for passing the MS-CIT Examination successfully he has to obtain an aggregate score of 40 Marks out of 100 with minimum 20 marks out of 50 are required for passing in Internal Evaluation minimum 20 Marks out of 50 are required for passing Final MS-CIT Examination ,with at least 6 marks in objective and 14marks in practical. Aggregate score in three sections will be reflected in Final Result of the Passed learner. Passing criteria is same for fresh as well as re-exam learner. If a Learner Fails in Final exam, he will reappear for the exam. His Learning Progression and Mid Term Marks will be carried forward.

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