Innovative Young Biotechnologist Award

The Department of Bio-Technology established the Innovative Young Bio-Technologist Award. This is a career oriented scheme to nurture outstanding young innovative scientists. This is an attractive scheme that lets the innovative scientist pursue their desired research in frontier areas o bio-technology.

Value of the award

 Scientists up to the age of 35 are considered for this reward. The award offers the following.

  • The award provides financial support for the research apart from a fellowship of rupees 40000 per month, for awardees who are not in regular employment.
  • The awardees that are not in regular employment can be attached to a senior scientist in a University or lab or any other institute, provided the mentor accepts to provide lab space and other facilities.
  • The awardees will work independently and the mentor will facilitate their efforts.
  • The awardees who are already in a regular employment, will be given a cash reward of 1 lakhs per annum, every year during the period of the project.


The eligibility for this award is as follows

  • The applicants should have acquired first class in all the graduate exams.
  • The applicants should have cumulative publication impact factor of 10 of only either first author or corresponding author OR Cumulative publication impact factor of 5 of only either first author or corresponding author with two registered Indian Patents or one International patent.
  • The applicants should have PhD in life sciences like Medicine, Veterinary, Pharmacy, Agricultural and Engineering Sciences.
  • The applicants can also hold a Masters Degree in Medicine/ Engineering/ Technology.
  • The applicants must be less than 35 years of age. Age relaxation of 5 years is applicable for SC/CT/OBC/Women and Physically Handicapped categories.
  • The applicant should be an Indian National.
  • The project work should be carried out in any recognized University or college or Laboratory or Institute in India
  • A consent letter and a nomination letter have to be attached with the application.

Things to know

The applications have to be submitted in the prescribed format with all the documents duly attested and attached. The applications will pass through initial screening, then reviewing of the patents and publications by experts. The shortlisted candidates will be called for an interview where they will be given 30 minutes for a presentation. Around 25 candidates are then selected for this award. The awards are given officially at a formal function organized by DBT. The actual duration for this award is 2 years. This can be extended up to a maximum of five years based on the progress of the project and performance of the awardee in the project. All the expenses for conducting this project like facilities, equipments and all others will be taken care by the award.