How good is executive MBA ?

MBA degree came into existence since 19th century. Look at it now!! So many types of MBAs are floating around. Initially not everyone could hold an MBA degree. Now world has grown wide and so have the ideas and opportunities.

Options, options everywhere…

If a person wants to procure an MBA degree, it  can be  done in many ways depending upon the person’s situation, availability, financial abilities, etc., There are various forms for MBA like full-time, part-time, distance, online and Executive. If you are a working professional and you are looking forward to have an MBA degree, Executive MBA/EMBA it is.

Is it as good as it sounds??

Executive MBA or EMBA is one of the forms of an MBA course. If a working professional, mid-age, and has crossed at least 5 years in his career, that’s the perfect time for an EMBA. This is not usually taken by people who are new budding professionals or entrepreneurs. This course is for people wanting to brush their management skills to move up the ladder, or to perform even better in what their active field is. MBA full time is of course top in the “respected MBA degree” list, yet EMBA is also equally good. There are so many people taking up EMBA now days. This is mainly because, working professionals would not prefer quitting job and going back to college to learn something, but still they would not want to miss a degree like MBA. This is when these options give hand. They don’t have to quit work and the fee is also not too costly. Both things can be balanced at the same time.

executive mba

Where to take up an EMBA?

The very important decision to be taken is where you are going take an EMBA. Almost every other standard and non-standard colleges and schools offer EMBA now. You have to take time and do all the analysis you can on good colleges, courses and accreditations before selecting one. It is always good to have a chat with few alumni’s of the respective colleges before you finalize one, because who gives you the MBA degree is really important. There are lots of Indian and international colleges with executive MBA courses. Here are a few good selections that I found online.

  • Indian School of business
  • IIM
  • Faculty of Management Studies
  • S.P Jain institute of management and research
  • SIBM
  • Management Development Institute.

This is a very small number of so many I found online. Search for a good college, look for college’s review, talk to the college’s admission contact and clear your doubts, have a chat with college’s alumni, see how well the students have moved up after the course and then decide if that is the best college and course for you.

Good Luck!