All that You Should Know about Hindustan University

Hindustan University is an engineering college, which is headquartered in Chennai. It was founded in 1966 as Hindustan College of Engineering by Dr. K.C.G. Verghese. The college has been granted University Status by University Grants Commission in the year 2008. Hindustan University is located in so many places like Chennai, Kochi, Delhi, Coimbatore, Muscat and Colombo.

Courses offered

There are lots of courses offered by this University. The kinds of courses are

  1. Diploma
  2. U.G
  3. P.G
  4. Evening
  5. Research
  6. Integrated

There are 40+ UG and 40+ PG programs available. There are attractive courses in the other categories too. There are certain eligibly norms that have to be met for joining any course.


Hindustan College has separate hostel accommodations for boys and girls that are furnished and has all modern amenities. Hostel is very conductive for students to concentrate on their studies. Students are provided with healthy food. There are rooms with and without AC. There are a set of rules to be followed in the hostel. Students’ safety is also well taken care of. The centrally air conditioned library in the campus has loads of knowledge, very useful for the students. Students can utilize them whenever possible through the well organized system. There are Banking and ATM facilities within the campus. There are seminar halls available for students to share knowledge and explore more. Apart from all these facilities students are provided with Internet, health centre, departmental store, DTP centre, laundry centre and cafeteria.

Life in the campus

NCC, NSS and YRC are the prominent co-curricular activities going on this college. There are so many other things that makes the students’ campus life interesting like sports, career guidance, mentoring, alumni, global affairs, academic collaborations, seminars, symposiums, product development department, staff development program, scholarships and orientation. With all these coming on and on, students have active diversion from studies that gives them relaxation. Students are encouraged to excel in their area through research, CENCON and CDTS studies.

hindustan university


Hindustan University wants to help students grow up in their lives through knowledge, by providing a conductive environment, emphasizing on personality development, without compromising quality and code of ethics. Latest news about the college says that they have opened scholarships for sports students. With all the facilities and a large number of courses offered, Student to have a good chance to come out with flying colors, if used appropriately.

Official Website

With modernization of everything, knowing about colleges also has become modernized. The official website of Hindustan University is This website has all the information you need about this college and contact numbers you might need to talk to them. Googling about this college also gives some information. Have a glance and see if this is what you’re looking for.