Good Colleges for MBA in India

MBA degree has always been treated so prestigious since ages. Now the craze for MBA is growing and growing every year. Browsing online we can find how everyone wants to have an MBA degree. There are so many colleges that are top, standard, not-so-standard and bad in the ranking. Every other college has students doing MBA. This force is really positive for the person who acquires it and the one who he is going to work for.

Setting up goal as MBA

While selecting a good MBA school is the last and really important step in getting into MBA, not everyone who joins MBA complete it successfully. Doing an MBA also needs concentration and devotion like doing anything else valuable. So if you have decided to take an MBA plan your everyday with MBA in your life, if you are a working professional then you have to learn balancing work and MBA. If you are a mother taking care of kids, then you have a great deal to think of. So create a space n save it for MBA, because it is definitely going to take you to great heights in your career.

Selecting Colleges

There are many factors to be considered while selecting a college for MBA. They are

  • The colleges’ accreditation and reputation
  • Fees
  • Number of years of the course
  • Number of students in each class
  • Course structure
  • Career guidance
  • College location
  • Network

mba colleges in India

Take some time analyzing all these factors, because it matters about who makes you an MBA degree holder when you want to benefit financially from it.

Some good colleges:

Here are some of the top colleges in India to take up an MBA from

  1. IIM, Ahmadabad
  2. IIM, Kolkata
  3. IIM, Bangalore
  4. IIM, Lucknow
  5. Xavier Labour Relations Institute
  6. Faculty of Management Studies
  7. IIM, Kozhikode
  8. IIM, Indore
  9. S.P. Jain Institute of management
  10. Indian Institute of Foreign Trade

Other standard colleges are

  1. SIBM, Pune
  2. Tata Institute of Social Sciences
  3. IIT, Delhi
  5. Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute of Management.
  6. IIT Kanpur
  7. SIIB
  8. TAPMI
  9. IMI
  10. Great Lakes Institute of Management.

There are many more good colleges around. These are just cream on the cake. These colleges have a good record of providing quality MBA degree and definitely raising your position in the career ladder moving through the course. They also provide good facilities, on the go trainings and easy online assignments and so on. All these colleges have their own websites which might help you take apt decisions. The respective websites give an opportunity to leave your contact to have someone call you back and clear the doubts.