GMAT Exam and Its Associated Features

What is GMAT and what are its associated features?
About 1,500 Educational Institutions from 110 countries around the world that offer about 5,400 seats for college application by the students take GMAT scores as the main criterion into their account.
What is GMAT?
Graduate Management Admission Test is an analysis of a student’s analytical and functional capabilities. It has got 4 different divisions like Analytical writing assessment, Integrated reasoning, Quantitative and Verbal section. This would evaluate one’s reasoning, intelligence quotient and analytical skills. The test duration is for about 3.5 hours.
How does GMAT function?
It is an English based exam. It is computer-adaptive examination especially the quantitative and verbal sections. Based on how one performs on previous questions, the difficulty level of the next question would elevate. The more correct the answers are, the more difficult the questions will be.
What is the basis for GMAT score allotment?
The total score for GMAT is between 200-800. It depends also on one’s performance on the quantitative and verbal sections. Besides the total score, there is also individual scores for each section.
As in-
INTEGRATED REASONING(IR)- scored on a scale of 1-8
VERBAL SECTION – scored on a scale of 0-60
QUANTITATIVE SECTION – scored on a scale of 0-60
ANALYTICAL WRITING ASSESSMENT – scored on a scale of 0-6
IR and AWA scores are individually assessed and given out only with the official result tags.
How long is GMAT valid?
A GMAT score is valid upto 5 years.
Which countries favour GMAT?
India, New Zealand, the U.S., Singapore, Britain, Spain, Australia, South Africa, Canada and Thailand are the notable countries that accept GMAT.
How many times can one write this exam?
This is being conducted all over the world. One can write this exam once per month and 5 times in a year.
How much does this exam cost?
It costs $250 by U.S standards. In some countries, tax is also levied associatively.

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