Global Studies Programme

The Global studies programme is an interdisciplinary programme where the scholars and students get to global universities to carry out various different research activities or post graduate program on social science.

The global studies programme is conducted jointly by different universities from different global regions. The universities conducting this program are University of Freiburg (Berlin, one of Germany’s nine universities of excellence), the University of Cape Town (African’s best university), FLACSO Argentina (the top university in social science study in Latin America) , Jawaharlal Nehru University(New Delhi, the prestigious Indian social science university) and Chulalongkorn University(Bangkok, Thailand’s oldest university). All these institutions are very popular, prestigious institutions and are the best in their regions.

This programme also received an award of ‘Top Ten International Master’s Degree Programme’ in the year 2006.


It is a two year program consisting of four semesters which usually gets to start by April every year with the summer term. The basic syllabi and the curriculum consist of political sciences, anthropology, sociology, cultural change and geography plus international internships and a colloquium.

Some of the programs include economics and environmental sciences too in the two-year study program. The program has been introduced during 2002 academic session. Since then, more than 300 to 400 students have been nominated and participated in the two year program study from all the four continents.

Some of the participants have moved on to pursue PhD in their fields, some have joined NGO’s and some have taken up international organisations. Its participants are also the part of fields like journalism, politics and business.

GSP and its Objectives

The main objective of the global studies programme is to make the cultural backgrounds of the different regions to interact together and grow as students, explore global culture with more clarity and gain experience from various cultural diversities.

The interdisciplinary study, intercontinental and intercultural programme gives enormous scope for the candidates to share multicultural, multi-continental experience to become the experts in globalization concepts in their study material.


The candidates should have studied Bachelor of Arts in social sciences and preference to students with English language proficiency.

The tuition fee cost per semester, flight and living costs may vary per year. The estimated costs and fees are given in the website. The time table for the Global Studies Program (GSP) is also given in the website. The semesters given in the study program are to be studied at each of the institutions every semester.

The students usually begin the course at the Berlin University, Germany. The next two semesters are to be studied at two different continents with a final semester at the Berlin University, Germany for the submission of thesis.

Before the final submission, the students are asked to take up the internship for 8 weeks at Developed agencies, embassies, NGO’s and international organisations like UNICEF and the World Bank.