Get Corporate- Etiquette!

Do you have what it takes to make your mark in the Corporate World? Here are some sure-fire way to make it to the top and stay there!

  • Show You Care –  Maintaining eye contact for 80% of a conversation will show that you are interested and that you are listening to a person.
  • Don’t Look Away – Be careful if you are aperson who thinks deeply an has to look away. Ensure the person you are speaking to knows you are thinking about their issue, and not another subject.
  • Take Your Turn – It is great to be brimming with ideas or passionate about a subject but there is no value to be gained by jumping in and talking over everyone. Wait your turn. People will listen when you have something to say if you wait for the correct moment to say it.
  • Be Thoughtful In Your Questions – Asking a lot of questions is nowhere near as effective as asking a few well-thought-out questions.
  • Don’t Fidget – Fidgets may as well be saying, ‘Get me out of here’. Pen Clickers, leg jigglers- they are all the same.
  • Don’t Roll Your Eyes – In management you sometimes have to workwith people you may not choose to socialise with, but the company will hire the best people for the job and you all need to work together.
  • Become A Mirror – If you are having difficulty getting through to a person, mirror their actions. Unconsciously they will start relating to you more.
  • Keep Your Face Open – Unless you are about to sneeze or cough you should never cover your mouth or face. Any barrier to your face for the person you are speaking to can be perceived as a disguise for a lie. Even placing a finger to your mouth or nose could be taken as hiden something.




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