FLTA-Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Program

The Fulbright program is an international level educational program. This program is sponsored by the U.S Government. The main aim of this program is to build a quality relationship between the U.S Government and other participating countries.


The eligibility criteria for the program are given below.

  • The candidates must meet the basic bi national citizenship requirements.
  • The countries that have the program handled by U.S Embassy must have citizenship, residence and valid passport issued by their country.
  • The applicants holding permanent resident cards from any of the partner countries or the U.S itself are not eligible.
  • Every participating country has specific number of applications and age limits. The candidates have to contact the given address in order to know the same.

Application and selection

  • The program has a big process for selection. The candidates must be really sure about their goals and future plans before applying for the program.
  • The candidates must fill the online application and send it with appropriate proofs.
  • Once all the applications are received, the selection committee gets involved in the scrutiny.
  • There is a huge competition for the program and the candidates are selected based on all the following criteria.
    • Candidates’ merit.
    • Candidates’ academic qualification
    • Project feasibility for the candidate
    • Personal leadership qualities of the candidate
    • Grant funds availability.

Other information

  • The candidates can apply for the program once in every year.
  • The FLTA program is a non degree program.
  • The candidates have to arrive at the center on the reporting date.
  • The candidate is expected to return to their home country on course completion.
  • Exceptions in this case are not entertained.
  • In case the candidates want to pursue a Masters degree after this program, the only way the candidate can do it is by returning to the country and then applying for the course fresh from start all the way.
  • The candidates cannot travel with their dependants for the program.
  • The candidates cannot bring any escorts with them while travelling for the program.
  • The candidates must make sure they submit the following supporting documents along with the application form.
    • Candidates’ academic proofs.
    • The candidates’ test certificates of TOEFL or IELTS.
    • In case the candidates have taken up English proficiency exam, then the result certificate of this also has to be provided.
    • The candidates must clearly state all the information required clearly.
    • Any misinformation in the application form may lead to disqualification.
    • All the details like contact information, institutes name, courses taken and other fields have to be checked twice and thrice for proper information before submitting the form.