Cultural Talent Search Scholarship Scheme 2014

The Cultural Talent Search Scholarship Scheme offers facilities to young and talented children to develop their talents in the artistic horizon. This is mainly for children form families who are practicing art forms. The Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT) offers around 520 scholarships every year. Out of the total number, at least 5 seats are reserved for selecting all the states and 3 for the Union Territories. At least 10 scholarships are kept aside for Jammu and Kashmir. The candidates whose families are still practicing art forms are given preference. Candidates performing rare art forms are given priority.

Application and Selection

  • The applying children must be between 10-14 years of age.
  • The candidates must be either studying in reputed and recognized schools or must belong to families who are still practicing performing, traditional, and other art forms.
  • The candidates who are excellent in the rare and almost extinct art forms are selected for the scholarship.
  • Few of the eligible art forms are given below.
    • Painting
    • Dance
    • Crafts
    • Drama
    • Music
    • Sculpture

Other Information

  • The candidate must have minimum training of three years’ in the art form for which the scholarship is being awarded.
  • The candidate must have taken up the training either with an institution or a guru.
  • The candidates applying for the scholarship must submit a certificate with the following details.
    • The certificate must be from the guru or the training institution.
    • The certificate must have the training details.
    • The certificate must have the details of the Guru or the Institution.
    • The candidates who are applying for painting training must attach the following.
      • 3 samples of their latest work as original or photograph.
      • The candidates, who are applying for arts like crafts, sculptures, etc., must attach the following.
        • Three photographs of their latest work.
        • All the samples attached must be duly attested by the guru or teacher with their bio data.
        • The Candidates’ Gurus or parents must ensure that the candidate has reached a good level of proficiency before applying for the scholarship.
        • A maximum of three candidates only will be allowed for the scholarship selection for each guru or institution.
        • The candidates who are found eligible by the central selection committee will be informed through post about the next round of selection.
        • The next round of selection could be interview or test. This is based on the art form.
        •  The candidates can apply for scholarship in only one art form.
        • The candidates who have applied for more than one art form will be directly rejected.
        • Incomplete applications will also be directly disqualified.