Confidence Booster!

Be Banal, But not Brief- Fearless Conversation!

  • Be a ‘You Firstie’ – The person who starts conversation in chance meetings has the advantage.When asked, ‘How are you?’ It’s not fine just to say ‘I’m fine.’. That aborts conversation before it ever takes off. Extend it by adding a simple sentence or two, and they’ll immediately put you on their ‘confident and friendly colleagues’ list.
  • Sound Dazzled – No matter how boring your word, say them in a ‘This is the greatest thing since Oscar’ tone. And guess what? They will sound interesting to your listener.
  • Moniker In Moderation – Say someone’s name in greeting and parting. It makes them feel all warm. But if you use it too much, it comes across as a nervous habit.
  • Your First Failure Is Success – Early failure is not confirmation you can’t do it. Do not crawl back to your shell and feel you are destined to dwell there for ever. The first failure, the second, and even the third are all steps to your eventual success-  so long as you keep trying.


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