Commonwealth Academic Fellowships

The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission offers Commonwealth Academic Fellowships in the United Kingdom. This is specially offered for citizens of developing Commonwealth countries in the year 2014-2015.  The programs and structures are different for the Common wealth Fellowships.  These fellowships are offered on a shared funding idea with distance learning. Also these fellowships are for professionals, in their middle of their career and are in short terms.


The eligibility criteria for the commonwealth fellowships are given below.

  • The candidates applying must be the citizens of commonwealth countries, British Protected persons.
  • The candidate must be a permanent resident of a Commonwealth country that is developing.
  • The complete list of eligible locations is available at .
  • The candidates must be ready to be available to begin their Fellowship in the United Kingdom on the date given by the authorities.
  • The candidates can specify their own start date only in the exceptional circumstances.
  • The candidates should have been employed as an academic staff of a university in any developing Commonwealth country for minimum least five years.
  • The candidate should currently be employed in the University that is nominating him/her.
  • The candidate must hold a doctorate degree.
  • The candidates, who are looking for award in the area of clinical skills, must be really skilled in the medicine or dentistry field. Also the candidate must have qualified as a doctor or dentist before applying.
  • The candidates from any gender or culture can apply for the fellowship.
  • The commission looks to provide equality among the diversities in providing opportunities.

About the Fellowship

  • The candidates can make use of the fellowship at any approved UK university or higher education institution that is approved.
  • The candidates are given an opportunity to update knowledge, skills and improve their network that is needed for their studies and responsibilities.
  • The Fellowship aims at providing an opportunity for the same.
  • The fellowship duration is basically three months.
  • There are also few awards that are given apart from the current fellowship to encourage the candidates in a research that is already going on at an institution in the UK.
  • The duration of these fellowships is up to six months.

Other Information

  • The candidate will receive to and fro airfare to the United Kingdom.
  • The candidate will also receive a grant that is fixed for the support of the research.
  • The candidate is given a maintenance allowance of 1,467 Euro per month.
  • The candidate also receives a small amount of grant for their paper work.
  • The candidates are also given an arrival allowance for the first visit.
  • The candidates also receive a grant for travel within UK.
  • The candidate cannot include any dependant in any grants that they get from the fellowship.