Colleges offering fine art courses

Creativity exists in every mind that is born. Children with a passion towards creativity take up fine arts courses. Fine arts courses include courses like drawing, painting, design, media, jewelry, fashion, textile, decoration and many others. India is a land of fine arts, so we can expect so many good colleges that help developing and encouraging such students. Apart from passion, now fine arts are budding future for enthusiasts. There is huge demand for good media people, artists, photographers, designers and what not.

Fine Arts and India

India is a country always encouraging fine arts in the traditional as well as modern age. Fine arts are a genre that is as vast as the world. Every country and every city has something to learn from this area. So all over the world, fine arts students receive a warm welcome. You can find fine arts students in every field, on TV, in theatre, on internet and so on.

Top colleges in India for fine Arts

  • Kala Bhavana
  • Faculty of Music & Fine Arts, University of Delhi
  • Sir J.J Institute o applied arts, Mumbai
  • Faculty of Visual Arts, Banaras Hindu University, Mumbai
  • College of Art, Delhi
  • L.S Raheja School of Art, Mumbai
  • Bharathi Vidhyapeeths Mavidyalaya College of Fine Arts
  • Department of Fine arts, Kurukshetra
  • University of Fine Arts, University of Mysore, Mysore
  • Department of Fine Arts, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh

fine arts colleges india

What do these colleges provide?

All these colleges have a very good campus, designed apt for such students. They have very good infrastructure, facilities and accommodations. Students with a passion and liking towards fine arts are surely seen coming out in flying colors. Many of these colleges also have good placement cells that help student get very good jobs in India and abroad in their field of interest. Some colleges also have tie-ups with foreign Universities, thus widening the exposure the students get.

These colleges also encourage students to learn things live, through internships with companies.  The faculties in these colleges are also experts in their respective fields. Students are also encouraged to create more of original works in their form of art.

It is not shocking to see in the news how job opportunities for fine arts students have become plenty. With the modernization of the world, everyone wants to look beautiful and keep the place they live and work beautiful. This is where fine arts students take place. They help beautifying people by designing jewelry, costume and other wearable items. They help beautifying the place we stay by designing interiors and through art, photography, painting and so on.

The world is wide open with huge number of opportunities for fine arts enthusiast, this can b proved by the count of people buying DSLR cameras and posting pictures on flickr and facebook as hobby. The world has loved, still loves and will always love fine arts.