CCNA Certification Exam By Cisco

What is CCNA?
A quite popular and sought after certification in computer networking developed by Cisco Systems is commonly known as CCNA exam. CCNA is created by CISCO primarily with the aim to recognize basic capacity in installation and support of not so big sized networks. The CCNA exam is one of the first stepping stones towards the Cisco certification. However, this is not the only significance of this test. It also provides you with the basic and fundamental ideas about networking. It is an important criterion for CCNP, CCDP and CCSP certifications.

There are two kinds of certification exam approach is offered by Cisco:

One exam consists of a bunch of 55-65 questions covering all CCNA exam topics and these questions have to be done within 90 minutes. This exam is called the single exam approach.

The other exam approach consists of a bunch of 45-55 questions which have to finished within 75 minutes. This pattern is called the two exam approach.

It doesn’t matter which exam approach you choose. Either exam approach would qualify you as a CCNA if you pass the exam.

CCNA Exam format:

Cisco Career Certifications exams includes the following test formats: multiple-choice single answer, multiple-choice multiple answer, drag-and-drop, fill-in-the-blank, and simulations. Prior to taking the exam, candidates should become familiar with how all exam types function-especially the exam simulation tool. Such practice will allow candidates to focus their exam-taking effort on the exam questions rather than how to correctly use the tools

How to prepare for the CCNA exam?

How you prepare for CCNA depends largely on your current knowledge and experience of networking and your chosen certification preparation option. Options include instructor-led training, e-simulations, practical labs, practice tests, study materials, etc. Books and simulations are the most popular preparation tools. However, for efficiency and effectiveness, if you have the funds and time, it is advisable to include instructor-led training in your preparations.

CCNA Exam Time management:

The test is 90 minutes. To get a good score and keep your CCNA dreams and hopes alive you must manage your time well. Determine how long you will spend on each question. Remember that you can’t go back after answering a question. This means you can’t review questions you’ve answered. As noted simulations are usually slow and will take more time. They also weigh heavily in your exam scores. So take your time on the simulations and don’t panic or rush. Note that there will be a lot of sub netting. Be able to subnet fast. OSI model, the Access lists, the Sub netting etc, questions are time consuming. But concentrate, understand the basics and be ready for calculations. More information, question dumps and study materials

So prepare well. Remember the best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

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