General procedure to get educational loan from bank

As we learn in mathematics, there are things that are directly proportional to each other. Education and fee to acquire that education are one of the best examples I can think of right now. With lots of students doing engineering, medical and business studies in India and abroad every year, the numbers of colleges are increasing and so do their fee.

Education and finance

Every mom and dad wants their son to become a good engineer or doctor or an entrepreneur. Not all parents are blessed with lots of money. So what do they do? Look for educational loans.  All the colleges are becoming more sophisticated and providing lots of facilities in this modern world. Even the students expect many facilities. For example, it is close to impossible being in Chennai without an AC. So colleges come up with AC class rooms, AC hostel rooms, and cafeteria and so on. This results in an increase in the fee. There are students who can bear the fee themselves, yet there are many those are not sound financially. So these educational loans help the students have an education where they dream it to be.

How to go about it

As and when the search and analysis for a good college begins and you get a list of colleges with fee details in your hand, the hunt for educational loan should start. Be it education in India or abroad, financial aid comes like a boon to those who cannot pursue studies that expect a lot of fee. Hunting for educational loan is to hunt for the best loan that suits your needs. Give a shot in Google. Search for the banks that provide educational loans in your city. You can get in touch with agents who help you go through the whole process right from hunting, jotting down a list of good ones, finding what details you need to have, till you receive the loan on hand. This is the pre process of getting your educational loan.

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Is it easy to get educational loans in Chennai?

Education is one of the things that get costly and costly every year. Is every student around financially sound enough to pay the fees? No.  Educational loans provide a helping hand in such instances. There are lots of banks providing educational loans to students. Chennai has a huge bunch of students looking for educational loans.

Why Educational loan?

Mostly colleges that get little or no aid from the government have higher fees than the government aided ones. The more facilities and sophistication get into colleges, more does the fees become. Students get educational loan from a suitable bank and get to pay it back to the bank after a year of graduation.  Now there is lot of leniencies the political system has brought for the students that has made them happy and at ease.

Educational loan providers in Chennai

With the advancement in technology, u can do most of the analysis in the internet. There are lots of banks giving you educational loans. You might have to meet a few of them directly to know all the details clearly. There are pretty good number of agents around, who help you find the bank that might suit your purpose the best. There are also a bag of websites that let you specify all the details and compare a few loan providers and pick the best one that is for you.

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Colleges offering fine art courses

Creativity exists in every mind that is born. Children with a passion towards creativity take up fine arts courses. Fine arts courses include courses like drawing, painting, design, media, jewelry, fashion, textile, decoration and many others. India is a land of fine arts, so we can expect so many good colleges that help developing and encouraging such students. Apart from passion, now fine arts are budding future for enthusiasts. There is huge demand for good media people, artists, photographers, designers and what not.

Fine Arts and India

India is a country always encouraging fine arts in the traditional as well as modern age. Fine arts are a genre that is as vast as the world. Every country and every city has something to learn from this area. So all over the world, fine arts students receive a warm welcome. You can find fine arts students in every field, on TV, in theatre, on internet and so on.

Top colleges in India for fine Arts

  • Kala Bhavana
  • Faculty of Music & Fine Arts, University of Delhi
  • Sir J.J Institute o applied arts, Mumbai
  • Faculty of Visual Arts, Banaras Hindu University, Mumbai
  • College of Art, Delhi
  • L.S Raheja School of Art, Mumbai
  • Bharathi Vidhyapeeths Mavidyalaya College of Fine Arts
  • Department of Fine arts, Kurukshetra
  • University of Fine Arts, University of Mysore, Mysore
  • Department of Fine Arts, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh
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Anna University affiliated colleges

Summer is here. This is not only the time for holidays but also college hunts. There are new colleges coming up every year, in every corner of the country. It’s really hard for the students to find the one that best suits them. Students have to do a good analysis based on few factors like suitable location, faculties, infrastructure, placements and other co-curricular /extra-curricular activities in college.

Anna University

Anna University is a University for technical studies in TN, India. It is one of the best universities in the country, holding 7th rank in top universities list. There are around 250+ engineering colleges in Tamilnadu, affiliated to Anna University. Here’s some information about five good Colleges affiliated to Anna University.

  1. PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore
  2. Coimbatore Institute Of Technology, Coimbatore
  3. Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore
  4. Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering and Technology, Chennai
  5. RMK Engineering College, Chennai

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All that You Should Know about Hindustan University

Hindustan University is an engineering college, which is headquartered in Chennai. It was founded in 1966 as Hindustan College of Engineering by Dr. K.C.G. Verghese. The college has been granted University Status by University Grants Commission in the year 2008. Hindustan University is located in so many places like Chennai, Kochi, Delhi, Coimbatore, Muscat and Colombo.

Courses offered

There are lots of courses offered by this University. The kinds of courses are

  1. Diploma
  2. U.G
  3. P.G
  4. Evening
  5. Research
  6. Integrated

There are 40+ UG and 40+ PG programs available. There are attractive courses in the other categories too. There are certain eligibly norms that have to be met for joining any course.


Hindustan College has separate hostel accommodations for boys and girls that are furnished and has all modern amenities. Hostel is very conductive for students to concentrate on their studies. Students are provided with healthy food. There are rooms with and without AC. There are a set of rules to be followed in the hostel. Students’ safety is also well taken care of. The centrally air conditioned library in the campus has loads of knowledge, very useful for the students. Students can utilize them whenever possible through the well organized system. There are Banking and ATM facilities within the campus. There are seminar halls available for students to share knowledge and explore more. Apart from all these facilities students are provided with Internet, health centre, departmental store, DTP centre, laundry centre and cafeteria.

Life in the campus

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Good colleges for MBA in Chennai

Chennai is one among the top metropolitan cities in India. This is also a very attractive destination for arts, science and education. So why not do an MBA here? Apart from the heat that keeps people away from Chennai, it is really a good place to do your MBA. The main reason is that there are so many good colleges and a good exposure here. MBA is a degree craved by almost everyone; because it helps you take a high jump on the career ladder. People who have done MBA always do get pretty higher salary than the others. There are lots of choices in taking up MBA courses like full-time, part-time, distance, executive and online. All these varieties of MBA courses are available from almost every business school in Chennai.

Education in Chennai

Chennai is not the best place to be, but it is also in the top cities in India. It has great facilities, opportunity and good exposure, with wide diversity of people getting into Chennai.  It is not only chosen by Indian students but also by international students who seek to do a postgraduate course in India. Chennai is preferred after Delhi or Kolkata. Colleges in Chennai provide very good facilities and choices in courses too, in a huge number.

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Good Colleges for MBA in India

MBA degree has always been treated so prestigious since ages. Now the craze for MBA is growing and growing every year. Browsing online we can find how everyone wants to have an MBA degree. There are so many colleges that are top, standard, not-so-standard and bad in the ranking. Every other college has students doing MBA. This force is really positive for the person who acquires it and the one who he is going to work for.

Setting up goal as MBA

While selecting a good MBA school is the last and really important step in getting into MBA, not everyone who joins MBA complete it successfully. Doing an MBA also needs concentration and devotion like doing anything else valuable. So if you have decided to take an MBA plan your everyday with MBA in your life, if you are a working professional then you have to learn balancing work and MBA. If you are a mother taking care of kids, then you have a great deal to think of. So create a space n save it for MBA, because it is definitely going to take you to great heights in your career.

Selecting Colleges

There are many factors to be considered while selecting a college for MBA. They are

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How good is executive MBA ?

MBA degree came into existence since 19th century. Look at it now!! So many types of MBAs are floating around. Initially not everyone could hold an MBA degree. Now world has grown wide and so have the ideas and opportunities.

Options, options everywhere…

If a person wants to procure an MBA degree, it  can be  done in many ways depending upon the person’s situation, availability, financial abilities, etc., There are various forms for MBA like full-time, part-time, distance, online and Executive. If you are a working professional and you are looking forward to have an MBA degree, Executive MBA/EMBA it is.

Is it as good as it sounds??

Executive MBA or EMBA is one of the forms of an MBA course. If a working professional, mid-age, and has crossed at least 5 years in his career, that’s the perfect time for an EMBA. This is not usually taken by people who are new budding professionals or entrepreneurs. This course is for people wanting to brush their management skills to move up the ladder, or to perform even better in what their active field is. MBA full time is of course top in the “respected MBA degree” list, yet EMBA is also equally good. There are so many people taking up EMBA now days. This is mainly because, working professionals would not prefer quitting job and going back to college to learn something, but still they would not want to miss a degree like MBA. This is when these options give hand. They don’t have to quit work and the fee is also not too costly. Both things can be balanced at the same time.

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How good are part time MBA programmes?

As fast as the working population gets increasing, so does MBA graduates too. Almost every other person wants to do an MBA. There are lots of new Business Schools and a variety of courses coming up every year. Now there are so many ways to procure an MBA degree too, like full-time, part-time, online, etc., Though everyone wants to do an MBA, there are so many factors that influence someone taking up an MBA. Two main reasons are time and money.

Time and money…

Working professionals feel MBA would really give them a hike in the ladder, financially and role wise. Still they are not ready to give up the current job they are into and take risk. This is when they think of part-time courses, as these courses are taken on weekends, evenings and holidays. Basically this gives a lot of choices so that professionals don’t miss work and still go up the learning ladder. Many companies also have tie ups with national and international universities and conduct classes through video conferencing and webinars for their employees. Some companies do reimburse the tuition fee for the MBA the employee had taken up. MBA is a costly affair. Everyone cannot afford taking up a full time MBA, with part-time MBA courses it’s almost half the cost or lesser. The course, the certificate and everything else is the same, except that you will do it without missing work and on an easy schedule.

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Is Correspondence MBA worth taking?

With growing advances in technology and profession, everyone does look forward to reaching the top of the work ladder sooner and sooner. MBA is a main tool that helps you zoom up the ladder pretty quick. Now Correspondence MBA/Distance MBA is one of the main comfortable ways of taking up MBA. ” Is it really worth taking one?” is everyone’s concern.

Why MBA in correspondence?

Everyone cannot afford the time and money required to do a full-time MBA. That’s when distance MBA comes to limelight. Distance MBA gives lot of flexibility and ease in going through the course and completing it. Students who join distance MBA need not attend class room sessions, instead they take up online classes and once-in-a-while classes. Writing assignments and doing projects can also be done online. So the person taking up distance MBA won’t miss work, but will effectively complete the degree. And when it comes to fee, the fee for a distance MBA is way less than full-time or part-time MBAs. This is always a good choice to go in for working professionals and mom’s taking a break.

What do employers think?

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