A Brief on Tagore National Fellowship

Tagore National Fellowship, also known as Tagore National Fellowship for Cultural Research, has been introduced in order to kindle the talented scholars/ students to join hands with others sharing the same interest. The objective of the fellowships is to rejuvenate and revitalize various institutions under Ministry of Culture.  The scheme will be open to both Indian Nationals and foreign citizens. The proportion of the foreigners will only be one third of the fellowships awarded every year.

What are the fellowship scopes?

The main idea of this fellowship is to encourage scholars with outstanding merit, to work on research projects that unravel their unexplored resources. The scholar can work in more than one institution, but will be attached to one main institution as nodal institution. The subject of research should be one that can be usually taken up with the nodal institution awarding fellowship. Still the fellow can be free to draw help and resources from other institutions as well. At the end of the project, the result must benefit the fellow and the institution. This benefits the institution and the student who works for the institution. The student explores to the extent of inquisitiveness, which anyway is the whole idea behind this fellowship.

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Scholarships of British Council

The British council is a British Organization that specializes in international educational and cultural opportunities. British Council also offers bunch of scholarships, helping the students to procure their dream education.  British Council has tie ups with lots of really good Universities, that also look forward to welcoming Indian students who are talented and worth the scholarship they provide.

Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarships

This scholarship is launched by St.John’s College, University of Cambridge in honor of Dr.Manmohan Singh who is a graduate and an honorary fellow from the same college.  These scholarships are awarded to academically outstanding Indian students to study doctoral degrees in St. John’s College. The degree could be in subjects like Science & Technology, Economics and Social Sciences, Applied aerospace engineering and energy studies. The scholarship provides academic fee, international airfare, stipend and UK Visa.

Goa education trust scholarships

The Dempo and Fomento group joined hands with British Council to help the Goan students to pursue higher education from UK Colleges in various areas like journalism, law, history and many other. This scholarship covers full or part tuition fees only. All other expenses should be taken by the students.

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Educational scholarships available in India

A Scholarship is basically a gift/ award granted to the student from a university, college or Government. This is also kind of financial aid, which need not be repaid. It is not a loan. There are many types of scholarships available all over the world. India also provides lots of scholarships through government and other services.

Types of scholarships

There are various categories of scholarships based on which the student is granted one. They are listed as below

  • Merit
  • Finance
  • Student
  • Career
  • College/University

The scholarships offered based on merit are granted based on the students’ talent in any field like sports, arts, music, dance, education and so on. The scholarships offered based on finance are dependent on the financial status of the student. The student specific scholarships are based on many other factors like history of the students, cast and medical history and so on. The scholarships offered based on career are based on the career they look forward to pursue after the education. The scholarship that is based on college or University is totally specific to the college or University that provides. They have their own conditions to provide scholarship to any student.

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Colleges Offering Scholarships in India

Scholarship is a form of financial aid, provided to students, helping them pursue their education. Scholarships are given based on many factors. It differs from the type of scholarship, the college or university offering the scholarship and so on.

Scholarships from colleges

There are lots of colleges providing scholarships every year, all over India. The students are selected based on either financial background, talent or any other category that is suitable for the college or University. It is basically financial aid that comes from colleges as a gift. Educational scholarships need not be repaid. Almost every college around the corner provides scholarships in one way or the other.

Varieties in scholarships

There are lots of varieties in scholarships, like there are so many reasons a scholarship can be awarded to a student. Say, if a student is from a financially low background, then the scholarship given to the student is different, or if a student is highly talented in some area like sports or arts or something else, then there are respective scholarships adhering to the same.

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A brief on Fellowship in India

Fellowship is a kind of internship or scholarship, a company or an organization provides, to expand growth or to expand the research in any particular field. This is usually taken up by Undergraduates and Postgraduates. This can be a really short term of 3 months to a long term of around two or more years.

Fellowships – what actually happens?

Taking a fellowship means, becoming a fellow among many others, who are working towards a common idea or goal. It can be anything from teaching a group of students to making a rocket to mars. Almost every other existing field offers fellowships. Fellowship can also be associated with scholarships because; you will be working on something and getting paid for the same. Learning and earning at the same time. Though the pay is not a high as a full time job, it has a manageable stipend, more often as it is called. Fellowships are usually sponsored by an organization or a specific society or any association working on a specific goal.

Benefits of fellowship

Nothing teaches you well like experience. Anybody learns faster and easier trying out what they learn everyday on the go. This way, fellows learn from experience and gain a strong knowledge on what they are doing day to day. This can also be compared to live learning and of course lots of concentration it does demand. Concentration and dedication are an integral part of any fellowship. During the fellowship, the fellows are also given vivid trainings and taken through many development courses to help them reach the group goal easier and help themselves through the fellowship. The fellows are also given a stipend or their work, apart from the learning they gain and the usual incentives like insurance and others any other employee gets. Though this stipend is not really high, it also depends upon the organization or the association providing the fellowship.

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