How to make a successful study strategy for finals

Survive Final Exam

Hello there! If you are here, it means that you have some difficulties with preparation to your finals at university, college or high school. For me, the most difficult thing is to overcome the excitement even if know all the answers. However, you should understand one important thing – it is not the end of the world if you failed the exam, you will have an opportunity to retake it. Eventually, an exam can’t decide your destiny because the most important things in our life are family and health, and other goals you’ll achieve. In preparation for tests, you need to use all your energy, skills and resources. So, here I want to present the most effective study methods.

  1. Organize your schedule

You may ask: “What is the best way to study?”. For me, it was always difficult to organize my time, but for every student, it is the most troublesome task. And almost every student has a habit to put off to the last minute. Try to collect all your force and energy, and start learning on time. Create your individual schedule and follow it. Decide for yourself, what time of the day is best for perceiving the material and remembering the information. Also, use your schedule to get used to regular activities.

  1. Use memorization techniques

Our memory is a fascinating faculty. It can play cruel mind joke with us. It is necessary not to overwhelm your memory, in particular on a day of final examination because it is useless to repeat or read anything in a hurry. On the last day, before an exam, force your brains to relax. But, during your preparation, it is better to start learning from the most difficult issues. Note that the effectiveness of memorization varies throughout the day.

The best time for learning is from 8 to 12 a.m. –  during this period our memory is the most absorptive and active. Then the memory efficiency gradually decreases, and again begins to increase from 5:00 p.m. reaching its peak at 7 p.m, if you don’t feel fatigued. It is believed that the information received in the period of 1:00 – 3:00 p.m, does not remain in our memory. Thus, devote this time to rest.

  1. Use additional helpful tools

We live in the 21st century and gadgets have become an integral part of our lives. It will be useful to use gadgets during your preparation for finals. For example, you can use Kindle, just download all the information on it, and then you can read it everywhere and receive new facts anytime.

  1. Write cribs

When drawing up a plan for an answer, an abstract, diagrams and notes, you structure your knowledge and build associations between different facts. It is not

Write cribs
Write cribs

necessary to think that without this you can’t remember anything, but cribs always help.  Also, you can try to pass the tests or return to questions from previous years.

  1. Be healthy and well-rested

First of all, you should sleep well. Science has proved that our brain operates better after relaxation. When your body is well saturated with water, your brain work improves. Do not forget to drink enough water during your preparation. And of course, make sure that you eat healthy food. Before taking an exam, eat a piece of black chocolate – it will stimulate your brain cells. Give preference to energy products, such as nuts, yogurt, berries, and seeds. And don’t forget to take care of your mental health. Here you’ll find some pieces of advice on how to calm down before finals. There is one more significant thing. Don’t worry when you’ll see your tasks. Just seat, wait a minute and try to focus only on them. In few minutes you’ll understand that you know it, don’t rush and everything will come to your mind.

All these steps always help to pass my tests. You can create new techniques of you own because there are a lot of strategies for studying for exams. The time of the exam should not be tense and cause alarm. Follow your academic plan, and you will get a successful outcome. Organize your time, eat well, sleep enough time.
I wish you good luck! I hope you’ll pass your finals successfully.

Celebration of Exam Festival

This title sounds little odd! Isn’t it? Exam -fear time, the time we never wish to occur in the year, we never want to face, school pressure, peer pressure, tuition teacher pressure, coaching sir’s pressure and parents larger than life expectation, so how could we use the term festival, the word symbolic representation of merry faces and okay even if it is a festival we absolutely never wants to celebrate it right?

We are living in this twenty first century, where nothing exceeds the success. We all want to be rich, have crore’s of package or say huge fan, our own interviews and the exciting list never ends. From very childhood we are asked to chase these dreams and only medium to see them coming true is the exams. We are pushed into the vicious circle of “you want a mobile phone, get me 90% and above”!These are the things which has taken a simple route of working hard ,getting results to a curve of a big dramatical winner result.

We must always remember that the thread of our life’s kite is always in our hand. Okay we get that people really expects a lot from us but there must be ours expectations, emotions and willingness .It is the time to break the circle and drop off the pressure to its lowest point and really celebrate this amazing festival of exams. Whatever I am saying must not be confused by not taking it seriously or not preparing for it but in fact being more serious via enjoying it, so it becomes a festival.

So, now the coolest part of it how to get this burden off our heads ,so that we really start enjoying these ’bulky’ books, ’boring ‘teachers and’ irritating’ tutors. No, the very first step starts with not comparing! Whatsoever, whosoever says “see her she got 95% even without tuition and you”, c’mon it is your life and nobody could make you look worthless, just ignore these people till they come back to their senses, trust me. Next is even bigger step to start analysing your routine and habits like say when the class begins you are at your extreme interest ,but by the time its end you are completely lost .So first of all consider yourself normal instead of some ‘lazy, careless’ student. Devise your own strategy to it like for e.g. to make sure that whenever you feel fatigue drink water or the minute teacher interacts with other teacher lie down on the bench, it really works. Lastly, learn to accept your mistakes, ’shortcomings’ and be extremely open to talk about it to your parents, teachers or say siblings.

Always remember that nobody is a born genius, we all learn from our mistakes! Focus on your mistakes, learn from them then those scary ‘Exams‘ would become a festival of celebration of overcoming your shortcomings and cheer to new and better you!

How to Stay Calm under Stressful Exam Situations?

  • It is advisable to visit the exam venue a day in advance to avoid unnecessary tension created on the day of exam by searching for the exam venue.
  • Write with a convenient free flowing smooth ball point pen. Don’t make use of pens with sharp edges as they may damage the answer paper in the process of writing and may also significantly reduce the write speed.
  • If your photograph is missing or does not appear clearly in your exam hall ticket, then carry 2 copies of your recent passport size photographs to the examination hall.
  • It is essential to get 8 hours of sound sleep on the previous night of the examination. So finish your dinner soon and go to sleep on time.
  • Make sure that you take all your stationeries and exam hall ticket before heading towards the exam venue on the day of the exam.
  • Be at the exam venue half an hour before the commencement of exam to maintain a peaceful mind.
  • Once you get the answer sheet write your name, register number, name of exam and put your signature slowly and carefully without any mistake as you will not be provided another answer sheet.
  • After receiving the question paper make sure that no pages are missing and question numbers are printed correctly. If there is any discrepancy inform it to the hall supervisor and get another question paper. Also do not forget to write the question paper code on the first page of your answer sheet.
  • Slowly read the question paper and start answering from the topics that you know well to answer effectively and create a good first impression on the minds of teachers who correct your paper.
  • For objective questions, at first read the question carefully and attentively and select the desired option only after reading all the available options.
  • Before answering a question, ensure that the question number that you mention on your answer sheet matches with that on the question paper.
  • If you are unclear about answering a particular question then skip that question and try to answer it at last. This will provide you sufficient time to recall the concepts to answer the question efficiently.
  • Once you read a question, write its answer on the answer sheet if you know it by heart. Don’t postpone it as you may not have enough time to answer it during the end of the exam.
  • If your question paper comes in 2 languages (one in native language and other English) and if you come across any incorrect question in native language try reading the English version of the question as it will only be taken as final in case of any discrepancy.
  • If there is any problem oriented question that requires a substantial amount of time to solve, then skip the question for time being and answer the remaining questions.


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How to Prepare for a School Exam

Well, most of us know the what and when of “Exam”, but when it comes to “How” there is a huge gap. Any exam requires preparation unless it is a surprise test!. How much time and energy varies from individual to individual. But overall, you need to spread your focus on the following aspects.

1.Study the Right Info in the Right manner.

This means, maths has to be practised and not read. English has to be improved by communicating more and writing more.

Continue reading “How to Prepare for a School Exam”

Time Management

TIME, these four alphabets drive every action of our life and when it comes to exams, it is your primary deciding factor in terms of preparation and execution.

This article will throw light on two main aspects of time management.

1.Time Management Before Exams

2.Time Management During Exams

As far as Time Management Before Exams is concerned, this article would be of help to those preparing in the last minute, say a day before exam. Continue reading “Time Management”

Previous Year Question Papers in Exam Preparation

Since childhood, we all have been conditioned to look for a profession that would be safe, secure and give more money. This is the common social structure to which we all belong. Very few dare to break this convention. However, the most preferred profession among the youngsters are architecture, designing, medical, engineering or finance. In order to specialize in these fields, one needs to clear an entrance exam. In India, students are aware of this system and therefore they strive to crack the tests like CAT, MAT, and Engineering exam. Males generally consider engineering as an ideal option to earn hefty money; therefore they have to register for Graduate aptitude test.

Now how to prepare for these tests? Entrance tests are getting tougher with time, even tougher than the boards. So the sooner you start your preparation the better. Along with the regular practice and consistent monitoring of your progress, one thing that helps a lot in your preparation is the previous year question paper. Once the fundamental preparation is done, it is these question papers that can show you the right way.

With the help of the previous year question papers, candidates will come to know about the level of difficulty in the papers and also about the marking system that’s has been adopted in the exams. For example, previous year papers of English contain the questions like reading passages, Matching, Synonyms, Word usage etc which can be improved only by practicing a lot from our given papers. Practicing more with previous year question papers for exams help students in making an idea about in how much time one question can be solved. For example, in bank entrance exams the students need to do lots of practice for the maths section. Students need to solve 50 questions in prescribed time limit which is important as the time is short and students need to solve the questions with accuracy as some bank papers also contain negative marks. Bank Clerk Exams previous year question papers helps candidates in gaining the speed with accuracy and students also get familiar with the pattern of the questions asked in the examination. It will help students to minimize the stress of exams and give hundred percent in the examination.

So, if the students practice according to the previous year question paper, they get accustomed to the question pattern question format and the areas which they cover. We are trying to give all exam previous year question papers and model papers. If you can’t find anything for any particular exam, then please inform us here or in the below comment form. we will update you as earlier as possible. Like us on facebook.

Prepare for an Entrance Test

To compete in a global economy, new generation students must continue their education beyond high school. To make this expectation reality, students must utilize their opportunity to choose the best colleges through an entrance examination. An entrance examination is a process through which any educational institutions select best deserving students for admission;hence, the competition is tough. Here lies the functional difference between a board exam and entrance exams for admission to college and universities..

Now how to prepare for this test? Well, you start where and whenever you can get an
opportunity. As the competition is getting tougher with days, a lot of hard work is required. Thus, entrance exams have become a dependable method for talented, intelligent students as their fate doesn’t depend only on their board exam marks. However, it is tougher than the boards.

So the sooner you start your preparation the better. It may become a bit of a juggle for students if they have to prepare together for both the boards and the entrance exam. Therefore, effective monitoring is necessary. This is where joining a good test prep institute comes into the picture. Though there is no substitute for hard work, a test prep institute with ample experience can help you identify your weak areas, make you practice regularly, consistently monitor your progress, and help solve doubts whenever you get stuck.

In most of the entrance tests, the exam mode is in objectives. So this requires a dedicated practice and revision in a continuous process. Moreover one has to learn the strategy of taking an objective test with time constraints. So, fundamental preparation is always effective. Work on those parts that are fundamentally weak. Analyze the marking pattern for the exams that you’re appearing for. Negative marking means you must select questions you think you can answer, with care.

College entrance tests measure your knowledge and background in your writing, verbal, mathematical and scientific ability. College entrance exams don’t measure what you’ve learned in high school. Instead, it tests how prepared you are to do well in college. You can prepare by taking practice exams by which you’ll get the idea of what questions will come out and the question formats that frequently appear. Also, you’ll be able to learn how to manage your time because one thing that you’ll have a hard time dealing with is the time pressure.

So, relax. Soothe admission test anxiety and stay organized by preparing in advance.