At Home Internship @ Adormi

At Home Internship @ Adormi provides a one of its kind opening to students to enjoy a real-time knowledge on industrial functions, yet not visit the company in reality. This internship is never-before chance that is open to every student.

Two to six months internship packages are offered by At Home Internship @ Adormi. Creating functional electronic goods, participating in webinars, planning market research and technical guidance are some of the programmes incorporated in the internship.

On completing the internship students will be able to chart their career plans in electronic sector, as they would be in a position to assess their forte, acquire industrial as well as career building skill from expert personnel of globally renowned firms like Texas Instruments, Oracle, Apple and Intel. Students who complete the internship will be awarded a certificate.

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Project Management – Research & Academic Conference – 2013

Research & Academic Conference on Project Management, for the year 2013, was held for three days, on professional enhancement. The Conference was organized by PMI (Project Management Institute). It was congregated by the esteemed IIT Madras, at Chennai.

A similar symposium was held earlier at NICMAR, in Pune in the year 2011. This symposium was well received by academicians and students. The subsequent symposium was also well received and there was tremendous response from scholars, faculty members in educational institutes and by students.

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National Level Science Talent Search Examination (NSTSE)

National Level Science Talent Search Examination is a systematically planned talent based evaluation examination, for students of standards II to XII, studying in the CBSE, ICSE or all State Board schools.

NSTSE is a National Maths and Science Olympiad examination that is conducted for approximately 4,20,000 students, from 14 countries. It is considered as one of the largest in the continent.

NSTSE is a systematically formatted, talent-based evaluation paper that has been developed in India to cater to Indian schools. It has been formatted after a thorough scrutiny of the curriculum of the various educational boards, both Central and State boards, by the Unified Council, which is India’s foremost scientific evaluation establishment.

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IBM – The Great Mind Challenge

The IBM Great Mind Challenge conducts a series of contests to encourage students to do some research and development in the given field. The businesses all over the world are going great heights in improving their way of doing business. They are aiming to hit all levels of technology advancements that are in place today. A great survey taken on this area reveals that, the world business’ 80% of the cost are invested in the four big technologies like Analytics, Cloud, Mobility, and Social. This challenge aims at creating a greater opportunity in understanding these technologies and learning to implement them in the best ways.

About the Challenge

  • The current challenge is themed on Mobility and its uses.
  • The candidates belonging to any AICTE accredited and approved Engineering University or College can apply to take up the challenge.
  • The selected candidates will get the great opportunity of learning and developing mobility related applications with the active mentorship of IBM Labs experts.
  • They can also get mentorship from software companies.
  • The candidates who win the challenge are offered internships in country-wide software companies.
  • There are around 100 internships offered every year.

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NASA Space Settlement Contest

NASA Space Settlement Contest is an annual contest that is sponsored by, NASA Ames and the National Space Society (NSS) together. Students who are studying up to 12th class or 18 years old can participate in the contest from anywhere in the world. The participants can take part as individuals, large or small teams. Bigger teams are judged separately.

About the contest

  • The entries are grouped based on age or grade.
  •  The students, as teams or individuals, are expected to create designs and related materials for space settlement.
  • All the entries are sent to NASA Ames for judging.
  • The participating candidates will receive a certificate of appreciation.
  • The candidates must finish submissions before the specified date.
  • The best idea submitted will receive the Grand Prize.
  • The selected idea will be displayed on the official website.
  • The competition is conducted at LA and the candidates attend the same with friends and family.
  • There are also other contests held for the contestants.
  • One team that scores highest or one individual will receive the NSS Bruce M. Clark, Jr. Memorial Space Settlement Award with a prize of $5,000.
  •  If it is a team winning, the sum will be prize has to be divided evenly amongst them.
  • The winner will be asked to make a live presentation about their work.
  • All the attending contestants will be allowed to display a poster of their work.
  • There are special timings with sessions for the parents, teachers and contestants.

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Project Management Research & Education Conference 2014

The main idea behind Project Management Research & Education Conference is to use the ideas and methods of major thinkers who have already achieved lots through their ideas and have made great intellectual progress. One conference is conducted every year and every year there is a theme that is associated with the conference. The current theme is to address three major issues in the field of PM education and research.

About the conference

The three major issues on which the conference is themed are given below.

  • and education can “stand on the shoulders of giants”
  • the role of theory
  • the opportunity of evidence-based PM

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Assured Opportunity for Research Career (AORC) – INSPIRE Faculty Scheme

Government of India and The Department of Science and Technology has joined hands to launch the “Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE)” program.  This was launched in 2008. The main aim of the program is to offer research positions to aspiring young achievers on contract basis, for conducting their research independently and helping them to emerge as a successful leader in future in the field of technology and science.


The eligibility criteria for the program are given below.

  • The candidates must be Indian citizens and from Indian origin.
  • The candidates must hold a PHD position from any recognized University in the world in any of the following disciplines.
    • Science
    • Math
    • Engineering
    • Pharmacy
    • Medicine
    • Agriculture
  • The candidates who are awaiting the degrees can also apply for the program.
  • The applying candidate cannot be more than 32 years of age.
  • The candidates who are employed in India are also eligible.
  • The candidates who have extremely good academic records will always be desirable while selecting the applications.
  • The candidates who have published at least 3 research papers or with an Impact factor of 10 will be on the top list while selecting.

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Biotech Industrial Training Programme

Department of Biotechnology has joined hands with Ministry of Science and Technology and Government of India has established to provide opportunities for enthusiasts for an industrial exposure, which can be a great help to understand their area of interest practically to improve their career and learning curve.

Application and Selection

  • The candidates have to fill in online applications only.
  • The candidates have to make sure that they fill the online application within 20 minutes of their login as the page will expire and the data will be lost.
  • The applications that are submitted after the end date are directly disqualified.
  • The candidate has to pay a non refundable fee of Rs.500.
  • The candidate must be careful while entering the details in the application.
  • The applications will not accept any invalid special characters.
  • The candidates must make sure that they fill all the fields. Any application that is incomplete will not be accepted.
  • The candidates waiting for the final result can also apply for the training program, but must mention about the same.
  • The candidates must submit the following documents along with the application form.
    • Passport in scanned format
    • Signature scanned.
    • All educational documents scanned
    • HOD’s certificate supporting the cause
    • Candidates banking details

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