ASDF Global Awards 2014

ASDF Global Award celebrates innovative achievement in technology. This also offers practitioners and policymakers a bunch of examples about successful ideologies that are employed by others. The candidates are expected to demonstrate an ideal explanation regarding the need, a logical idea to achieve the need, and valid results. The awards team is specific in selecting the applications after a thorough review by a committee of distinguished practitioners. The evaluation is fair and just. In case there are no applications up to the level of nomination for the award, that particular category of may be cancelled.

About the Awards

The ASDF global awards are famous for its qualities given below.

  • The awards are clearly un-biased.
  • The award decisions are completely taken by the and nothing external can handle the decisions.
  • The award aims to exhibit huge number of talents of the Individuals.
  • The award helps creating a social recognition for people.
  • The awards create a role model of every individual.
  • The awards focus on showcasing technology, innovative ideas, business, and technology.
  • The candidates’ ability to undertake a risk is highly appreciated.
  • The nominee’s internal ideals are considered with high respect.
  • These awards help the awardees feel great about them.
  • This award creates a healthy contest among the innovative people that makes people to contribute lots.
  • The nominees who are attending the award are eager to know their improving social status.
  • The awardees are provided with excellent networking opportunities with other nominees.
  • The jury’s comments and advices are of great value and help the other innovative nominees to help improving their ideas.
  • This award is a great spotlight on really talented people.
  • These awards are non-monetary and purely for recognizing the cream of the best innovators in the vast areas in a closer level.

Other Information

The candidates must visit  and find the right category for their award. There the candidates can find a button for nominating themselves. Then the candidates must click on that application form link. That’s all the candidate has to do. The candidate need not pay any fee for Phase I and Phase II. When the candidates reach the finalist level, must pay a small amount that will be for the process documentation which will be 1 USD. In certain cases where there is a non-conformance or invalid particular, this will lead to disqualification. Such nominations will be stopped at this stage and will not be taken further. If the candidate is found guilty on providing false information, application will be rejected and the candidate will be recommended for a legal action and/or penalized the equivalent amount for the verification cost.

Good Luck!!