A brief on Fellowship in India

Fellowship is a kind of internship or scholarship, a company or an organization provides, to expand growth or to expand the research in any particular field. This is usually taken up by Undergraduates and Postgraduates. This can be a really short term of 3 months to a long term of around two or more years.

Fellowships – what actually happens?

Taking a fellowship means, becoming a fellow among many others, who are working towards a common idea or goal. It can be anything from teaching a group of students to making a rocket to mars. Almost every other existing field offers fellowships. Fellowship can also be associated with scholarships because; you will be working on something and getting paid for the same. Learning and earning at the same time. Though the pay is not a high as a full time job, it has a manageable stipend, more often as it is called. Fellowships are usually sponsored by an organization or a specific society or any association working on a specific goal.

Benefits of fellowship

Nothing teaches you well like experience. Anybody learns faster and easier trying out what they learn everyday on the go. This way, fellows learn from experience and gain a strong knowledge on what they are doing day to day. This can also be compared to live learning and of course lots of concentration it does demand. Concentration and dedication are an integral part of any fellowship. During the fellowship, the fellows are also given vivid trainings and taken through many development courses to help them reach the group goal easier and help themselves through the fellowship. The fellows are also given a stipend or their work, apart from the learning they gain and the usual incentives like insurance and others any other employee gets. Though this stipend is not really high, it also depends upon the organization or the association providing the fellowship.

fellowship in india

How India treats fellowships

Fellowships are widespread in India too. India not only offers fellowships for UG and PG, but also for experienced people till the age of 60 and more. There are a huge number of fellowships offered almost in all the fields available. The categories of fellowships include science, teaching, leadership, service, politics and research. Here are a few links to get know the availability of fellowships.

  • http://www.educationobserver.com/scholarships_fellowships/index.php/category/general-scholarships
  • http://www.teachforindia.org/fellow-ship?field_location_tid=28&default=1
  • http://india.ashoka.org/fellows
  • http://indiafellow.org/fellowship/?gclid=CIzM9rnQvL0CFewE4godbRAAvg
  • http://acumen.org/leaders/regional-fellows/india/
  • http://serb.gov.in/fellowships.php
  • http://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8080/fellowship2014/
  • http://www.alternativeeducationindia.net/home/teaching-fellowship

This is a very small list from the ocean of fellowships available in India. All you have to do is, be sure about the area of interest, scan through the huge number of fellowships available in that area, and find out all the details, about the reputation of the organization, stipend, course time and other information. What else if you are ok with all that you see, there is someone waiting to say “Hello, new Fellow”!!