Nationwide Education and Scholarship Test (N.E.S.T.)

Nationwide Education and Scholarship Test is a collective as well as combined endeavour to assist students who are committed and determined and exhibit extraordinary talent in their studies. This initiative taken by N.E.S.T is to ensure that these gifted students continue their education and excel in it, without having to be restricted by financial burden. Nevertheless these high achievers have to prove their mettle and are required to take the customary N.E.S.T every year. Therefore, if their performance in the Test meets the standards of excellence fixed by the organization, they are offered accolades and recognition and are presented Appreciation Certificates and also presented with Cash Awards of significant amounts. The chief intent of N.E.S.T is to motivate, support, assist and channelize students to fare well in their studies.

N.E.S.T Sponsors

The main sponsors of N.E.S.T is the S. U. FOUNDATION OF INDIA (S.U.F.I.), an independent, self-funded NGO working towards building a better social, economical and educational atmosphere for individuals and groups, with assistance from a few extremely devoted, learned and exceedingly genuine persons of the nation.

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Indian Oil Scholarships

Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOCL) will be awarding 2600 scholarships to students of High school (10+), ITI students, Engineering and Medical students and students of MBA Courses in Indian Universities. The selection criteria will be based on merit as well as on the basis of financial status. IOCL will offer 2000 scholarships to students of 10+/ITI and a further 600 scholarships to students in professional courses like Engineering, Medicine and MBA.

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