Scholarships for students from Mekong Ganga Co-operation (MGC) Countries

The MGC (Mekong Ganga co-operation) is a step or an initiative to channelize closer contacts between the people who inhabit these two civilised rivers Ganga and Mekong. It is a six country conglomeration shortly named as MGC which includes India, Myanmar, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand, and Vietnam. The MGC partners have come up with the idea/initiative for the cooperation in education, culture, tourism, communications and transport.

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Scholarships for Afghan Nationals – Afghan Scholarship Scheme

The Government of India has announced the ICCR scholarships for many of its neighbouring countries.

The Indian council of cultural relations (ICCR) is an autonomous body which comes under the Ministry of external affairs, New Delhi. The neighbouring countries like Iran, Israel, Asian countries, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Nepal, Bhutan, Malaysia, SAARC countries, Thailand, Vietnam, Africa, Afghan, Russia, Slovenia, Johannesburg, etc are benefitting from the offer of scholarships under 24 schemes.

The scholarship program for the afghan nationals is also an initiative to enhance the cultural balance and relationship with the country.

The students who wish to pursue the undergraduate, post graduate and research programs, post doctoral programs under the ICCR scholarship scheme for Afghan Nationals.

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Scholarship Scheme for Bangladeshi Nationals – Bangladesh Scholarship Scheme

The Bangladeshi nationals are offered a range of scholarships under the two schemes of ICCR and MEA. The Indian High commission at Dhaka, Bangladesh along with the Government of India has taken an initiative to offer scholarships for foreign nationals to pursue higher education courses including Post graduate, under – graduate, doctoral and post doctoral courses at the leading universities in India. The scholarship schemes are provided to the exceptional candidates who wish to pursue world class education in the top leading universities.

The Bangladeshi nationals are offered 200 scholarships and 100 scholarships are given away under the scheme of ICCR and MEA. The Indian council for cultural relations has extended its hand to many countries such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Mauritius, etc. These scholarships assist the students in pursuing their aspiring careers in various fields and disciplines mentioned in the list of courses. As the other cultural exchange programs, Bangladesh, being our neighbour country, the students are welcome to apply for the various educational programs carried out at India.

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Global Studies Programme

The Global studies programme is an interdisciplinary programme where the scholars and students get to global universities to carry out various different research activities or post graduate program on social science.

The global studies programme is conducted jointly by different universities from different global regions. The universities conducting this program are University of Freiburg (Berlin, one of Germany’s nine universities of excellence), the University of Cape Town (African’s best university), FLACSO Argentina (the top university in social science study in Latin America) , Jawaharlal Nehru University(New Delhi, the prestigious Indian social science university) and Chulalongkorn University(Bangkok, Thailand’s oldest university). All these institutions are very popular, prestigious institutions and are the best in their regions.

This programme also received an award of ‘Top Ten International Master’s Degree Programme’ in the year 2006.

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Scholarship Scheme for Training in Indian Music and Dance (ICCR Scholarship Scheme)

India has been the centre for learning for so many ages. Many great scholars from India have been the pioneers of research. In today’s time, Indian universities have made their mark as leading world-class institutions. Many students are aspiring to join and pursue various research programs and technical education in Indian universities. These students can make use of the many scholarships provided by the Government of India.

Along with the help of the Government of India, the ICCR or popularly known as Indian Council for Cultural Relations has always strived for cooperation and peace with other countries. They have arranged and come up with 24 scholarship schemes which offer 3365 scholarships to most of the foreign students assisting them with pursuing their higher education and research.

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Scholarship Scheme for Sri Lankan Nationals – Nehru Memorial Scholarship Scheme

The Government of India is offering about 180 scholarships for the aspiring Sri -Lankan nationals to pursue undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD degrees and post doctoral degrees in any field of study excluding the field of medicine and dentistry in the leading universities in India. The High commission of India at Colombo said in a press release. The Indian Government is offering around 120 scholarships under the scheme known to be Nehru Memorial Scholarship Scheme.

The breakup of the scholarship scheme will also be made available to the students wishing to join the topmost Indian Universities for various programs. The offer of scholarships for the Sri-Lankan nationals is a step to aid education to the aspiring students at Sri-Lanka which are basically in the fields of Economics, Engineering, Commerce, Science, Business, and Humanities.

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Special Scholarship Scheme for Mauritian Nationals (TC Division)

The ICCR (Indian council for cultural relations) is known to be an association whose aim is to provide peace and regional cooperation towards various countries and neighbour nations. The ICCR has announced numerous scholarships of around 3365 scholarships under its 24 scholarship schemes. It offers these scholarships annually for the students from various developing countries like Africa, Asia, Afghanistan and Central America. Though there are students flocking to Indian Universities from developed countries as well. The scholarships under these 24 schemes are offered every year to the benefit of students from various different cultures and regions.

The ICCR aims to eradicate cultural differences between different nations and forms a pathway to goodwill, good neighbourhood, peace and amiable relationship with the neighbouring developing countries. They offer these fellowships and scholarships for the under graduate, post graduate, doctoral and post doctoral courses in various prestigious institutions and leading universities in India. The professional courses like engineering, business administration, accountancy, pharmacy and management. The courses also include Indian classical music, sculpture, painting and dance in any forms. The ICCR’s main activities thus remain to be offering scholarships to the deserving candidates for the financial support they require for their academics and studies.

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Scholarship for students from SAARC Countries

The scholarship for the students from SAARC countries is yet another scholarship scheme instrumental in helping the students from the SAARC member countries to pursue under graduate, post graduate and doctoral programmes. The scholarship comes under the SAARC scholarship scheme exclusively made for the students to pursue various programmes and courses of study at world class institutions without any much hassle.

The South Asian University (SAU) is the association which takes care of the scholarships provided under the various schemes introduced by the government of India. An apex body of South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation (SAARC) it is, and a prodigy idea from our then Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh, SAU funds and offers many international scholarships for students to aspire/pursue their dreams in top academic institutions in India. The South Asian University offers three different scholarships from the eight member countries in the SAARC member countries.

The main objective for such schemes is to provide financial aid to the aspiring candidates and promote regional cooperation along with peace with the help of cultural interaction and education within the SAARC member countries.

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IELTS Scholarship Award

The British council had come up with IELTS scholarship award with the aim of supporting Indian students to pursue their academic studies in an English-speaking country including US, UK, Canada and Australia. The scholarship is highly popular among Indian students intending to carry out their academics outside India. The scholarship is awarded to eight successful winners every year for their course study at any of the overseas academic university.

The applicants should take up the International English Language Testing System before attending any course abroad. This is a standardised system testing the English language proficiency for non-native speakers of the language.

This scholarship is a full-time offering throughout the academic tenure for the successful students in universities where IELTS is considered to be the benchmark measure for English speaking proficiency to pursue academics overseas.

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General Cultural Scholarship Scheme

The ICCR, shortly named for Indian council for cultural relations is known to have maintained good external cultural affairs with other countries throughout its history. It was founded in 1950 by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, the then Education Minister of Independent India. Its primary objective is to nurture the cultural relations and friendship between India and other countries.

The ICCR thus sends a strong message to the foreign countries for a helping and friendly hand in all the activities that would maintain peace and fosters smooth relations. The ICCR organises many cultural activities to strengthen the many relations between countries. Of all the activities, ICCR’s major activity is to offer scholarships to the foreign students who intend to study in India.

It offers around 3365 scholarships every year for foreign nationals under various scholarship schemes. The Government of India in partnership with ICCR and Embassy of India are inviting applications from foreign nationals to pursue academics in Indian Universities for both under-graduate and post-graduate programmes. The applicants are from basically developing countries such as Africa, Asia, Central America, Indonesia, Afghanistan, UAE, Malaysia, Russia, Greece, Hungary, Qatar, Slovenia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Jordan etc.

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