Rajiv Gandhi Scholarship Scheme

The Rajiv Gandhi scholarship scheme was launched by the Government of India as a central scheme for the benefit of Scheduled castes to pursue higher education leading to M.Phil and PhD degrees in the fields of Science, Humanities, Engineering, Technology and Social Sciences. This scheme has been revised from the year 2010 in the interest of the scheduled caste students. It is a step or an initiative to provide opportunities for the deprived section of the society to take up advance/higher studies and research.

It caters to the many requirements of the economically weaker section of the society to aspire for their dream careers with the help of the increased opportunities. Not only it helps them to get eligible for various employment opportunities like lecturers in educational institutions, it also allows them to get equipped with the increasing opportunities in the various research level institutions and world class technical research universities at India.

It is UGC (University Grants Commission) that is now taking care of all the implementation of this scheme and fund process.

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Maulana Azad Scholarship Scheme

The Maulana Azad Educational foundation came into existence in memory of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, a prominent freedom fighter of India. His achievements knew no bounds as he served as a distinguished scholar in Urdu Literature and a prominent figure on the political front during the Indian Freedom movement. His eventful life found him a career in journalism as well. His values as a democratic and secular leader always proved him to be a humanitarian and positive personality.

The Maulana Azad Educational Foundation is a non-profit, voluntary social service oriented and completely a non-political organisation to promote education among socially backward classes of the society. The foundation has got registered itself with the Societies Registration Act in the year 1989. It is mainly funded by the Ministry of Minority Affairs. The general body of the Educational foundation comprises of 15 member team of which 6 members are ex-officials of the foundation itself. The rest of the nine members are selected by the President, Maulana Azad Scholarship Scheme.

The ministry of minority affairs was founded by resolve issues related to the minority sections of the society and help in the overall policy and planning, evaluation, coordination and review of the work continuously to benefit the students of the weaker sections of the society. The Maulana Azad scholarship scheme was established to the benefit of all the students and scholars who may have difficulty in sustaining the financial support for the higher studies.

About the scholarship

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Nehru Memorial Scholarship Scheme

The ICCR shortly named after ‘The Indian Council for Cultural Relations’ is an apex body of the Government of India. The body has been founded by the Independent India’s first education minister ‘Maulana Abul Azad’ in 1950. The ICCR is known for establishing cultural relationships and exchange programmes for the neighbouring countries. Such initiatives help the countries to have strong relationships and ties with the neighbouring countries. The ICCR has been doing great contributions to foster strong relationships with the help of these cultural exchange programmes and frequent meetings with world leaders of the various countries.

Many activities conducted by the ICCR have been appreciated by the SAARC member countries. Of these activities, the ICCR annually announces around 3000 plus scholarships which come under its various significant 24 scholarship schemes. These scholarships have assisted many students with support and financial aid for pursuing their dream aspirations of high quality education. The ICCR provides scholarships for different disciplines at all levels such as under-graduation post-graduation, doctoral and post-doctoral levels in streams like arts, engineering, management, accountancy, business administration and pharmacy. The scholarships are also provided for non-formal courses like Indian classical music, dance, sculpture, painting etc.

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Scholarships for Maldivian Nationals – Aid to Maldives Scholarship Scheme

The Indo-Maldives relations have been great and friendly. Both the nations share good amount of cultural, ethnic, linguistic and religious links held in multi-dimensional and cordial relations. It is a known fact that India, after its independence found Maldives and went to make good diplomatic relations with the nation. Since the relations have only strengthened from time, all the Presidents of Maldives have visited India during their tenures and continued their bilateral relationships.

India has continuously extended its support to the Maldivian nationals in the entire International forums such as SAARC, UN and the commonwealth. Today, India has the most comprehensive educational systems which is of high quality education and affordable too. Proximity as well makes it a perfect choice for Maldivian nationals to opt for Indian quality education.

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Scholarships for Sri Lankan Nationals

The scholarships are provided to the various countries and different nationalities by the Government of India for the benefit of students to pursue several undergraduate, post-graduate, doctoral and post doctoral research studies at the leading Indian Universities and world class institutions.

The Indian council of cultural relations, shortly known as ICCR, founded by Maulana Abul Azad in 1950, is an apex body of the Government of India offering many scholarships to the students of various neighbouring countries. The scholarship programme is an initiative to finance students of various countries to pursue higher education in diverse fields of studies.

While students who wish to pursue professional courses can apply under the particular slot of scholarship scheme, those who also wish to apply for the non-formal courses like Indian classical music, classical dance, sculpture, art forms etc are also encouraged to apply for the same. They are offered these special scholarships under ICCR’s 24 scholarships available. The students are advised to go through the eligibility criteria to apply for various disciplines at the Indian universities/colleges.

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Scholarships to Bangladeshi Nationals – India Scholarship (Bangladesh) Scheme

With world-class institutions and leading universities at a relatively affordable cost, India stands among the leading nations offering the best quality education to its own students and students from all over the world. India has continuously helped the students of its neighbouring countries through its scholarship programmes and assisted financial assistance to them, thereby providing support to pursue the various courses at Indian universities and prestigious institutions.

About the Scholarships by ICCR

Under the scholarship scheme, the Bangladeshi nationals are offered 200 scholarships. Of these 200 scholarships, 100 of them are offered by the ICCR to the students to pursue under-graduate, post-graduate and PhD education which include Engineering courses at various institutions/leading universities.

The other 100 scholarships are offered under the agency work India scholarship (Bangladesh) scheme on behalf of the MEA to pursue under-graduate, post-graduate, PhD and post-doctoral scholarships (excluding engineering courses).

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Scholarships for Mongolian Nationals – Aid to Mongolia Scholarship Scheme

The Indian council of Cultural relations popularly known as ICCR has done enormous service to strengthen India’s cultural relations with other neighbouring countries for the fostering of relationships between the nations. The objectives of ICCR are to participate in the policies and regulations which help foster India’s cultural relations with other neighbouring countries.

In view of these objectives, the ICCR has come up with many benefits to the students of foreign countries to pursue quality education in top most Indian universities and leading Institutions at various parts of the country.

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Scholarships for Bhutanese Nationals – Aid to Bhutan Scholarship Scheme

The Indian council for cultural relations, shortly known as ICCR is one of the apex bodies of the Government of India, involving itself in many of the programs being conducted by the government of India. The government of India came up with ICCR during the time of Independence. It was founded by the then Education minister, Maulana Abul Azad to help and strengthen the relationships between India and other foreign countries.

The ICCR has many facets to its organisation which promote the healthy growth of the national and international relationships and foster new avenues between India and various other countries. The ICCR’s main activity is offering scholarships to the students of foreign countries who wish to study in India. These scholarships are not just for arts, professional courses but also for the learning classical dance, music and sculpture.

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Scholarship for Nepalese Nationals (also known as Silver Jubilee Scholarship Scheme)

The Indian council for cultural relations known as ICCR was founded by the Independent India’s first education minister Maulana Abul Kalam in 1950. The ICCR has many other objectives which include promoting ICCR’s cultural exchange programmes, strengthening relations with other countries in cultural field, and develop/establish International and national relationships through cultural exchange programs.

About ICCR

Of the many cultural exchange programmes the ICCR has introduced, the most popular and important one is the scholarship programme for the students of the various foreign countries aiding them with financial assistance to pursue their aspirations and dreams.

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Scholarships for students from African Countries – Africa Scholarship Scheme

The scholarships by the Government of India for the neighbouring countries have seen a great response and are instrumental in making life easier for the students of these countries. The Indian council for cultural relations (ICCR) with its main objective of awarding scholarships to the neighbouring countries has made 24 scholarship schemes with 3365 scholarships for the students of many neighbouring countries of India.

All these scholarships are broken up accordingly for the students of various countries. Of all of them, around 900 scholarships are awarded to the African students annually who wish to pursue their under graduate, post graduate and masters program at Indian leading universities. The India African Forum summit held at New Delhi, had witnessed the Prime Minister of India increasing the number of academic opportunities for the African students to study at India’s leading universities and prestigious institutions.

The scholarships from ICCR are offered to the students of places from Nigeria, Benin, Cameroon, and Chad. The meritorious students from these regions of Africa are eligible to apply under the African scholarship scheme.

For the academic year 2013-14, the number of scholarship awards is given according to the region. The slots of the scholarship offer for the Nigeria region would be 4. The number of scholarships for the Benin region is 2. The number for the Cameroon region is one and the number for the Chad region is one.

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