Indian Institute of Technology – Admissions

Indian Institute of Technology Madras is one of the best and foremost institutes of great national reputation in research oriented education, general technical education, applied and basic research. Way back, in the year of 1956, the German Government opened up to provide technical assistance for establishing an institute providing higher education in science and engineering in India. The first agreement between Germany and India was made in 1959 during the establishment of IIT.

The Institute has the following facilities given below.

  • Sixteen departments with a huge variety of courses.
  • Highly advanced and well equipped research centers.
  • Around 100 well equipped laboratories.
  • Bunch of faculties who are internationally reputed.
  • A student community that is very brilliant.
  • A bunch of efficient and excellent supporting and staff.
  • A well organized and effective administrating team.

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Emerging Leaders 2013 Essay Competition

The Emerging Leaders Competition aims at recognizing striking video and essay contributions from students. All the candidates who are participating are expected to follow the processes related to the registration and the submission specified on the official website. Candidates can refer to the website to get more information regarding the competition. The candidates must make sure they read all the terms and conditions before registering for the competition. The candidates must also adhere to the rules specified on the website.


The eligibility criteria for the competition are given below.

  • The candidates who want to participate must be a student studying any level of degree course in any recognized university.
  • The candidates who are applying for the competition must submit all their proofs duly attested.
  • The candidates, who are eager to win an invitation to visit Hong Kong, must be in a position and situation to visit Hong Kong and attend AIC, which is specified on the official website.
  • The candidates who are ready to travel for the competition be travelling on the mode offered by Project Firefly.
  • The participating candidates must have a valid passport.
  • If needed, the candidates must apply for visa at their own risk.
  • If any of the top prize winners are not able to attend the awarding day at Hong Kong, they must inform 5 working days before the awarding date. This automatically moves the non attendees out of the competition and the next place winners are made prize winners.
  • The previous winners will not be eligible for the trip to Hong Kong again.
  • The winner of the Emerging Leaders Competition will always be announced at the prestigious Asian Investment Conference.

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Google Online Marketing Challenge 2014

The Google Online Marketing Challenge is an awesome opportunity for students to get exposure in creating campaigns for marketing online, with Google+ and Google AdWords. In the last 6 years, more than 65,000 candidates who are professors and students, from around 100 countries have taken part. The challenge goes through a series of steps.

 The Challenge invites student teams containing a minimum of three to a maximum of six members. The candidates can be from graduate or undergraduate courses, and with any major. All students who wish to participate are expected to register for the competition under a lecturer, instructor or a faculty member, who is currently employed by a highly recognized educational institution and is verified by Google.


  • The Professors have to register for the Challenge which in turn will be verified by Google.
  • The Students must form teams of around 3-6 members and must also appoint one team captain.
  • Captain of the team must registers under the professor who is already verified.
  • The captain must confirm each student team through a verification link. This link will be sent to the registered email address.

Dashboard and Business

  • Once registration is successful and the team receives notification about the same, they can access the dashboard.
  •  The teams must then add all the required information in the dashboard.
  • The next important thing to do is selecting the partner for the competition and to prepare the pre-campaign report with the prepared ad words.
  • The teams must hunt for a business client or a non-profit organization.

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Baden-Württemberg Scholarship

The Baden-Württemberg Scholarship offered every year to provide admissions to the universities in Baden-Württemberg. The program aims in supporting aspiring and intelligent foreign students, thereby raising the levels of international intellectual exchange between talented foreign and German students. The scholarship also makes a platform in hunting the best intellectual talent all over the world. The candidates who are aspiring to study abroad in Baden-Württemberg can make use of this opportunity.


The eligibility criteria for this scholarship are given below.

  • The candidates who are willing to apply must be
    •  Master degree holder
    • Diploma degree holder
    • Free movers are not eligible to apply for the scholarship.

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GDF SUEZ / MFA scholarship

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and the GDF SUEZ join hands to offer scholarship program at Ecole Polytechnique. The scholarship aims in providing aspiring and talented students residing overseas to study in France and pursue a one year master’s program.

About the Scholarship

  • The scholarships are sponsored by GDF SUEZ and the MFA.
  • These scholarships are offers for only one year in the course taken up in France.
  • The scholarship activates in year two of the Master’s program (M2) at Ecole Polytechnique, Paris with one of the given specializations.
    • Master REST
    • Master WAPE
    • Master COMASIC

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KC Mahindra Education Trust Scholarships 2014

The KC Mahindra Education Trust has always been helping the needy candidates to pursue their education since 1950s. There are a huge number of students in our country who are highly intellectual but with low financial status. Such students are supported by the KC Mahindra Education Trust Scholarships. There are a bunch of scholarship programs that are open to aspiring candidates every year.

About the Scholarships

KC Mahindra Education Trust Scholarships offers four scholarships for students. They are

  • KC Mahindra Scholarships for Post Graduate Studies Abroad
  • Mahindra Search for Talent Scholarship
  • KC Mahindra UWC Scholarship
  • Mahindra All India Talent Scholarship

KC Mahindra Scholarships for Post Graduate Studies Abroad

The K C Mahindra Scholarship for Post Graduate Studies Abroad is a scholarship that provides an interest free loan, which is awarded to aspiring graduates who are interested in pursuing their post graduate courses abroad. This scholarship was established in 1956. The advertisement for the scholarship comes in all leading newspapers in India. The candidates can collect the application form from the Trust office after the advertisement is out. The students whose applications are selected will be called for an Interview.

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Tamilnadu Common Entrance Test

Tamilnadu Common Entrance Test is conducted by Anna University, Chennai. Anna University organizes this examination on behalf of Government of Tamilnadu. Almost all colleges in Tamilnadu use this exam result to admit candidates to their college.


The eligibility criteria for the entrance test are given below.

  • The candidates must choose to write exam for one or more of these courses.
    • MBA
    • MCA
    • ME
    • M.Tech
    • M.Arch
    • M.Plan
    • Each course has separate eligibility criteria.
    • The candidate must hold a bachelors degree in any of the reputed universities or institutions in India.
    • The candidate must have scored at least 50% in their course throughout.
    • The candidates who belong to SC/ST can have percentage of relaxation till 45%.
    • Candidates who have joined college through Lateral Entry window are not eligible for the test except, B.Tech. , MCA, or B.E degree courses.
    • The candidates who have got done their bachelor degree through distance education are not eligible.
    • The candidate who have procured their bachelor degrees without doing tenth or plus two are not eligible for taking up the test.
    • The decision for the selection of candidate lies solely with the selection committee.

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ASDF Global Awards 2014

ASDF Global Award celebrates innovative achievement in technology. This also offers practitioners and policymakers a bunch of examples about successful ideologies that are employed by others. The candidates are expected to demonstrate an ideal explanation regarding the need, a logical idea to achieve the need, and valid results. The awards team is specific in selecting the applications after a thorough review by a committee of distinguished practitioners. The evaluation is fair and just. In case there are no applications up to the level of nomination for the award, that particular category of may be cancelled.

About the Awards

The ASDF global awards are famous for its qualities given below.

  • The awards are clearly un-biased.
  • The award decisions are completely taken by the and nothing external can handle the decisions.
  • The award aims to exhibit huge number of talents of the Individuals.
  • The award helps creating a social recognition for people.
  • The awards create a role model of every individual.
  • The awards focus on showcasing technology, innovative ideas, business, and technology.
  • The candidates’ ability to undertake a risk is highly appreciated.
  • The nominee’s internal ideals are considered with high respect.
  • These awards help the awardees feel great about them.
  • This award creates a healthy contest among the innovative people that makes people to contribute lots.
  • The nominees who are attending the award are eager to know their improving social status.
  • The awardees are provided with excellent networking opportunities with other nominees.
  • The jury’s comments and advices are of great value and help the other innovative nominees to help improving their ideas.
  • This award is a great spotlight on really talented people.
  • These awards are non-monetary and purely for recognizing the cream of the best innovators in the vast areas in a closer level.

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MBA Scholarships at Bournemouth University

MBA studies are really famous in the UK. Every person who dreams of taking up an MBA will definitely have UK in the mind. This cannot come true to everyone because, not everyone is gifted with good financial status.MBA Scholarships at Bournemouth University are awarded to candidates who are willing to take up studying a full-time course in MBA at BU campus.


The eligibility criteria for the candidates are given below.

  • The candidates, who are resident in India but fall under the category of overseas candidate, are eligible for 50% of the award.
  •  The candidates who reside in Nigeria, Thailand and Indonesia can apply for the 25% of the award.
  • The candidate must have an excellent academic profile.
  • The candidate must have scored an upper second class degree at least.
  • The scholarship is eligible only for MBA courses.

Application and selection

The application and selection process of the scholarship is described below.

  • The candidate must download the application form from the official website.
  • The candidate must also apply for the course at the University.
  • Once all the applications are submitted, the selection committee scrutinizes all the applications and the best ones out of the lot.
  • The candidates will be informed about the result within the time span of one month.

Other Information

Candidates must make sure they know all these information clearly before applying for the scholarship.

  • The candidates who get this scholarship get a maximum of 50% of the fee or a 25% of the fee.
  • The scholarships are usually paid as tuition fee waiver.
  • There are around 10 scholarships awarded every year. 5 goes to India and the rest goes to Nigeria, Indonesia and Thailand.
  • The candidates who receive this scholarship cannot receive any other scholarship from Bournemouth University.
  • The candidates’ financial status is not taken as a point while selecting the application.
  • The selections are done purely based on merit and competition.
  • The candidates can choose to either take accommodation inside the campus or outside.
  • The candidate will not be provided any allowance for traveling to and fro form their home country.
  • The University offers a wide range of facilities, features and opportunities to make all the international students feel welcome and at home.
  • The placement percentage is really high in BU. There are very good companies recruiting candidates from all disciplines in BU.
  • There is a student support department that guides all the students right from their arrival, to course help to more than placements.
  • There is also a students’ union that is active all through the year. This union conducts so many activities that keep the students engaged in many cultural and intellectual schemes apart from usual course.

University Of Southampton – LLM International Scholarships

LLM International Scholarships are awarded to the students who are from India, Turkey, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Canada, aspiring to pursue their studies at the University of Southampton. The candidates who are willing to apply for the scholarship must possess high academic performance based on the entry qualifications for LLM.

About the scholarship

  •  The candidates can take up LLM program at the University of Southampton.
  •  The scholarship provides a tuition fee waiver of 3000 pounds.
  • The candidates can take up Master Degree at the University of Southampton.
  • The candidates cannot take up distance learning program through this scholarship.
  • The decision of the selection panel will be final and cannot be reviewed again by outsiders.
  • The University can also decide not to award any number or even one scholarship in any year.

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