ICAR’s 18th All India Entrance Examination

Indian Nationals are invited to apply for the examination conducted by The Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). The score of the examination in used in taking students to colleges that are supported by ICAR.

About the examination

  • The examination scores are used for taking admissions into colleges that are supported by ICAR.
  • The courses are allotted like below.
    • 100% seats for ICAR-deemed-universities.
    • 15% seats for Bachelor degree.
    • 25% seats for Master Degree.
    • The candidates can take up bachelor degree programs in one of the following subjects.
      •  Agriculture
      • Fisheries
      • Food Science
      • Horticulture
      • Sericulture
      • Agricultural Engineering
      • Agricultural Marketing & Co-operation
      • Biotechnology
      • Forestry
      • Home Science
      • Dairy Technology
      • The candidates can take up masters program in one of the following subjects.
        • Agriculture
        • Forestry
        • Home Science
        • Horticulture
        • Agricultural Engineering
        • Physical Science
        • Biotechnology
        • Dairy Science
        • Social Sciences
        • Veterinary Science
        • Fisheries Science
        • Allied sciences
        • Every year 475 scholarships are offered for Master Degree programs.

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Cultural Talent Search Scholarship Scheme 2014

The Cultural Talent Search Scholarship Scheme offers facilities to young and talented children to develop their talents in the artistic horizon. This is mainly for children form families who are practicing art forms. The Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT) offers around 520 scholarships every year. Out of the total number, at least 5 seats are reserved for selecting all the states and 3 for the Union Territories. At least 10 scholarships are kept aside for Jammu and Kashmir. The candidates whose families are still practicing art forms are given preference. Candidates performing rare art forms are given priority.

Application and Selection

  • The applying children must be between 10-14 years of age.
  • The candidates must be either studying in reputed and recognized schools or must belong to families who are still practicing performing, traditional, and other art forms.
  • The candidates who are excellent in the rare and almost extinct art forms are selected for the scholarship.
  • Few of the eligible art forms are given below.
    • Painting
    • Dance
    • Crafts
    • Drama
    • Music
    • Sculpture

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Finnish Government Scholarships for Indian Nationals

Finnish government offers scholarships for candidates who are Indian Nationals to pursue their doctoral or research or post graduate studies in Finland.


The eligibility criteria for the scholarship are given below.

  • The candidates who are willing to apply for the scholarship must have already established contacts with the Institution in Finland that has accepted to provide admission.
  • The candidate must have an Invitation letter from the Supervisor of the Institution in Finland.
  • The letter must display the offering institution’s commitment towards the project.
  • The candidate should hold a minimum of Masters Degree.
  • The applying candidate is expected to do any of the below while pursuing their education.
    • Be a visiting student.
    • Be a participant of the research project.
    • Be a teaching faculty at a higher education institution.
    • Be a teaching faculty at any research institution.
    • The candidate must not have completed more than a year in Finland for the purpose of education.
    • The candidate must also prove that they know the sufficient level of the language used in research.
    • The candidate must be a national of the approved countries.

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Fordham Business Challenge Scholarship 2014

Student Competitions AB and Fordham University Graduate School of Business Administration join hands to conduct The Fordham Business Challenge 2014.

About the program

Once the candidates enter the competition, they have to answer three multiple choice question sets and one essay question. The top 5 candidates, the winners can chose from one of the five Master Degrees and get a scholarship of the full-tuition fee scholarship.

There are five Master programs offered. They are

    • Master’s in Business Analytics (MSBA)
    • Master’s in Marketing Intelligence (MSMI)
    • Master’s in Applied Statistics & Decision Making (MSSD)
    • Master’s in Business Enterprise (MBE)
    • 3 Continent Master of Global Management


The eligibility criteria for the candidates to attend the challenge are given below.

  • The candidates must currently have a bachelor’s degree.
  • The candidates who are in the last year of their graduate education are also eligible to attend.
  • The candidates must make sure they fulfill all requirements for the competition.
  • The candidates must have either applied or gotten admission for their desired master’s program.
  • The candidates must be ready to get admission and enroll at the Fordham GBA in fall.

Application and selection

To participate in the competition the candidates must follow the steps given below.

  • The interested candidates must register for an account on the official website http://www.fordhambusinesschallenge.com.
  • The candidates must finish the quizzes and the final essay question before the competition deadline.
  • The candidates are expected to get support for their application as personal recommendations from colleagues, family, and friends on Facebook.
  • The candidates must apply to the Masters Degree that is relevant to their expectation.
  • Once the application deadline is met, a panel of judges who are experts in business and academia come together to evaluate the applications.
  • This panel decides the winners and their decision is final.
  • The main criterion for becoming a winner is to get an admission into a Masters Degree.
  • Winner is also selected on the following criteria:

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The Hindu-Hitachi Scholarships

The Hindu and The Hitachi Ltd., join hands together in inviting candidates for a technical training in Tokyo, Japan.


The eligibility criteria for the candidates are given below.

  • The candidates must be citizens of India.
  • The candidates must be less than 30 years of age.
  • The candidates must hold at least a B.E or B.Sc from any recognized university.
  • The candidates with prior experience in the training area will be given preference.
  • The candidates who have one year professional experience can apply for the scholarship.
  • The candidates who have already attended interviews in the previous years are not eligible to apply.

About the scholarship

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Project Management Research & Education Conference 2014

The main idea behind Project Management Research & Education Conference is to use the ideas and methods of major thinkers who have already achieved lots through their ideas and have made great intellectual progress. One conference is conducted every year and every year there is a theme that is associated with the conference. The current theme is to address three major issues in the field of PM education and research.

About the conference

The three major issues on which the conference is themed are given below.

  • and education can “stand on the shoulders of giants”
  • the role of theory
  • the opportunity of evidence-based PM

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William J. Clinton Fellowship for Service in India

The fellowship aims at pairing the cream of young and skilled professionals who are with top NGOs and enterprises involved in social work, thereby willing to create impressive projects that are effective, replicable, sustainable and scalable. Aspiring candidates are welcome from a variety of backgrounds of academic and professional fields. The duration of the fellowship is for a period of ten months.


The eligibility criteria for the candidates are given below.

  • The candidates must be citizen or a permanent resident of India or United States.
  • The candidates must be between 21 and 34 years of age.
  • The candidate must hold an undergraduate degree.

Application and selection

The application and selection process is described below.

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Spic Macay Scholarships 2014 – Gurukul Anubhav Scholarship Scheme

The Gurukul Anubhav scholarship scheme established by SPIC MACAY aims in bringing students closer to an aspiring world of exploration, inspiration, wisdom, discovery, and dreams. The candidates, once they get the scholarship have the great opportunity of being in contact with highly acclaimed and dedicated people. These people are living examples, who have achieved great heights in their fields through sheer discipline, inherent talent, and hard work. Through this scheme those candidates get an opportunity to stay with such people for a month and get their wisdom by observing the ethos that exists in an environment completely different from their own. The candidate’s experience will be extremely fulfilling and inspiring which will help the rest of their lives. By spending time with the guru, the candidates can learn how to convert visions and ideas into reality. They also learn to convert the struggles and negatives on the way to positive energies.

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DBT Fellowship Award – Initiative on the Neuro Clinical Research Education INCRE 2014

Initiative on Neuro-Clinical Research Education (INCRE) fellowship is awarded by the Department of Biotechnology, India. The department already has initiated a lot of scholarship and fellowship programs. This fellowship aims at supporting clinical research and training in the Neurosciences discipline. Six fellowships are offered every year. This is how it would be for the next five years. The main idea behind the fellowship is to solve important issues in neuroscience and bring up a hypothesis-driven research that is designed by clinicians. The fellowship offers a stipend of Rs. 75,000/- per month for one complete year and an additional amount of 5 lakhs rupees to help research at an a reputed institute.


The eligibility criteria for the fellowship are given as follows.

  • The candidate applying must hold one of the following degrees.
    • D.M.
    • M.Ch
    • MD- Psychiatry
    • The candidate must be interested in taking up Neuroscience research.
    • The candidate is also expected to take up clinical responsibility along with the research.
    • The candidate must have completed his/her residency within the last five years.
    • The candidates who are in the early stages of their clinical career will definitely be given higher priority.

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Assured Opportunity for Research Career (AORC) – INSPIRE Faculty Scheme

Government of India and The Department of Science and Technology has joined hands to launch the “Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE)” program.  This was launched in 2008. The main aim of the program is to offer research positions to aspiring young achievers on contract basis, for conducting their research independently and helping them to emerge as a successful leader in future in the field of technology and science.


The eligibility criteria for the program are given below.

  • The candidates must be Indian citizens and from Indian origin.
  • The candidates must hold a PHD position from any recognized University in the world in any of the following disciplines.
    • Science
    • Math
    • Engineering
    • Pharmacy
    • Medicine
    • Agriculture
  • The candidates who are awaiting the degrees can also apply for the program.
  • The applying candidate cannot be more than 32 years of age.
  • The candidates who are employed in India are also eligible.
  • The candidates who have extremely good academic records will always be desirable while selecting the applications.
  • The candidates who have published at least 3 research papers or with an Impact factor of 10 will be on the top list while selecting.

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