LIC Golden Jubilee Scholarship

Scoring good marks alone isn’t going benefit the students and it needs a lot of financial support to claim their dreams with in studies. Especially for the ones from the backdrops of economically mediocre backdrops, it is the need of hour and the emergence of LIC Golden Jubilee Scholarship becomes the boon to meritorious students of such criterion. This empowers their dreams of accomplishing with their higher education, which favours them with a large scope for employment…

Here are some of important features of this scholarship that comprises of

  • How you become eligible?
  • The validity period of this scholarship
  • How much is the scholarship fees?
  • What are the qualifications the candidates should possess to claim it?
  • How to apply for this scholarship?

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NIIT Turning Point Scholarship

Secured good marks in your plus 2, college 1st year or your graduation? Happiness is not all that you are going to carry, but a very interesting scholarship too! We have heard of a lot of such Scholarship programmes for school and college students and by far, the most popular is the NIIT’s Turning Point. True to it’s name, it would really act as a giant leap in your career.

Heard of the term GNIIT? GNIIT is the industry ready program offered by NIIT to students in colleges and to those completed their schooling. It is important that students keep themselves updated and are in par with Industry standards. Suppose a corporate has an option of hiring a candidate who has got at least a fair knowledge,  potential about their business, good knowledge about the sector ,in depth knowledge on current and future trends with minimal training requirements…will they ever say a non affirmative reply?

That’s exactly what the GNIIT will offer you. It would mould you in such and such a way that a student can be a straight match to the current requirements and nothing will seem French, Greek and Latin to them, when he/she enters the corporate world.

Having said all this, don’t you feel like jumping up and enrolling for GNIIT?

While NIIT charges one and a half lakh INR approx for 3 years duration. How about a waiver/scholarship?!

This is exactly the turning point of the story and where Turning Point Scholarship comes into picture.

 The highlights of the Scholarship include:

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All India Tata Fellowships in Folklore

Tata Fellowships in Folklore are designed to support candidates who have completed their post graduate degree in the Arts and Humanities discipline. The applying candidates are expected to be capable of taking up research and documentation at folklore. The main objective of this fellowship is to bring different types of communities and make them work together as a team.

About the fellowship

  • The main idea is to make one community artist to work on the other artists’ tradition or Folklore for over a year’s time.
  • The candidate must be able to document the other tradition.
  • The actual duration of this scholarship is a year.
  • The candidates selected for the fellowship are given a monthly stipend of Rs.9450.
  • The community leader or the artist for whom the candidate will be working will also receive the same amount as a monthly stipend.
  • Every fellowship is also provided with a contingency allowance of Rs.50000.
  • This can be used for expenses made for documentation and travel.
  • The audio/video documentation, that is given as the outcome of the fellowship will be used by National Folklore Support Centre for the purpose of teaching and other educational purposes.
  • The fellow must send the audio/visual result, with the consent letter of the community leader or artist.
  • There are a variety of themes and areas that are given as a choice for this fellowship.
    • Folk painting
    • Verbal arts including oral epics
    • Indigenous Knowledge Systems
    • Folk music
    • Cultures of learning
    • Traditional medicine
    • Language relaxation is done in case the candidate is already working with a community elder or an artist, with the committees support.

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IBM – The Great Mind Challenge

The IBM Great Mind Challenge conducts a series of contests to encourage students to do some research and development in the given field. The businesses all over the world are going great heights in improving their way of doing business. They are aiming to hit all levels of technology advancements that are in place today. A great survey taken on this area reveals that, the world business’ 80% of the cost are invested in the four big technologies like Analytics, Cloud, Mobility, and Social. This challenge aims at creating a greater opportunity in understanding these technologies and learning to implement them in the best ways.

About the Challenge

  • The current challenge is themed on Mobility and its uses.
  • The candidates belonging to any AICTE accredited and approved Engineering University or College can apply to take up the challenge.
  • The selected candidates will get the great opportunity of learning and developing mobility related applications with the active mentorship of IBM Labs experts.
  • They can also get mentorship from software companies.
  • The candidates who win the challenge are offered internships in country-wide software companies.
  • There are around 100 internships offered every year.

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NASA Space Settlement Contest

NASA Space Settlement Contest is an annual contest that is sponsored by, NASA Ames and the National Space Society (NSS) together. Students who are studying up to 12th class or 18 years old can participate in the contest from anywhere in the world. The participants can take part as individuals, large or small teams. Bigger teams are judged separately.

About the contest

  • The entries are grouped based on age or grade.
  •  The students, as teams or individuals, are expected to create designs and related materials for space settlement.
  • All the entries are sent to NASA Ames for judging.
  • The participating candidates will receive a certificate of appreciation.
  • The candidates must finish submissions before the specified date.
  • The best idea submitted will receive the Grand Prize.
  • The selected idea will be displayed on the official website.
  • The competition is conducted at LA and the candidates attend the same with friends and family.
  • There are also other contests held for the contestants.
  • One team that scores highest or one individual will receive the NSS Bruce M. Clark, Jr. Memorial Space Settlement Award with a prize of $5,000.
  •  If it is a team winning, the sum will be prize has to be divided evenly amongst them.
  • The winner will be asked to make a live presentation about their work.
  • All the attending contestants will be allowed to display a poster of their work.
  • There are special timings with sessions for the parents, teachers and contestants.

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Commonwealth Split-site Doctoral Scholarship

The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP) is one of the prestigious scholarships around the world. It is also one among the oldest of its kind. The scholarship was initiated in the year 1959 at the first Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers. The committee has awarded over 25000 scholarships till now. These scholarships helped the candidates go to greater heights in their knowledge and career.

About the scholarship

The scholarship aims in improving the candidates’ knowledge and career. The scholarship’s objectives are given below.

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Young India Fellowship Programme

The Young India Fellowship program is not specific to any field. Candidates, who are aspiring to do something worthwhile to improve themselves and the society, can apply for this fellowship. The main expectation in this Fellowship is that the applying candidate must be fluent in reading, writing, and speaking in English.

About the fellowship

The fellowship is very unique and is not limited to one specific kind of applicant profile. The candidate is expected to posses the following qualifications in order to apply for the fellowships.

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Merit cum Means Scholarship

The Merit cum Means Scholarship aims to offer financial assistance to the meritorious and poor students who belong to minority communities. This is to enable these candidates to pursue technical and professional courses. These scholarships are open only for studies in India. The scholarships will be awarded through an Agency that is designated by UT Administration/ the State Government especially for this purpose.


The eligibility criteria for the candidates are given below.

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Commonwealth Academic Fellowships

The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission offers Commonwealth Academic Fellowships in the United Kingdom. This is specially offered for citizens of developing Commonwealth countries in the year 2014-2015.  The programs and structures are different for the Common wealth Fellowships.  These fellowships are offered on a shared funding idea with distance learning. Also these fellowships are for professionals, in their middle of their career and are in short terms.


The eligibility criteria for the commonwealth fellowships are given below.

  • The candidates applying must be the citizens of commonwealth countries, British Protected persons.
  • The candidate must be a permanent resident of a Commonwealth country that is developing.
  • The complete list of eligible locations is available at .
  • The candidates must be ready to be available to begin their Fellowship in the United Kingdom on the date given by the authorities.
  • The candidates can specify their own start date only in the exceptional circumstances.
  • The candidates should have been employed as an academic staff of a university in any developing Commonwealth country for minimum least five years.
  • The candidate should currently be employed in the University that is nominating him/her.
  • The candidate must hold a doctorate degree.
  • The candidates, who are looking for award in the area of clinical skills, must be really skilled in the medicine or dentistry field. Also the candidate must have qualified as a doctor or dentist before applying.
  • The candidates from any gender or culture can apply for the fellowship.
  • The commission looks to provide equality among the diversities in providing opportunities.

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Fair & Lovely Foundation Scholarships

Fair & Lovely Foundation offers scholarship to students every year who are aspiring to procure graduate or post graduate or PhD level education from recognized and government authorized universities in India.


The eligibility criteria for the candidates to apply for the scholarship are given below.

  • The candidates applying for the scholarship must have scored at least 60% in their 10th and 12th classes.
  • There is no age limitation to apply for this scholarship.
  • The scholarship is open only for female candidates.
  • The applying candidates must be aspiring to pursue post graduation, graduation, and PhD studies from Government Authorized and Recognized Universities in India.
  • Scholarship will be awarded based on the family’s income.
  • The decision about selection of candidates will be solely made by the judge’s panel.

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