A Brief on Korean Government Scholarship

The Korean Government scholarship provides opportunities for International students to pursue higher education in Korea, thus promoting international exchange in education and friendship among the countries.


There are around 400 candidates offered scholarships from 111 countries. China, US, Japan, Vietnam, India, Srilanka, Taiwan, France, Greece and many other countries are also included. Among the 400, 11 candidates are allocated in outstanding universities.

Universities and Subjects

There are around 60 Universities out of which the student may opt for one. There is a list of subjects eligible for this scholarship, which includes UG, PG, master and doctoral programs. Few universities to name are

  • Ajou University
  • Cheongju University
  • Chonbuk Nat’l University
  • Chosun University
  • Chung-Ang University
  • Deagu University

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A Brief on Ms. Agatha Harrison Memorial Fellowship

A Fellowship is like scholarship, comparatively for a lesser time, awarded to scholars in their mid ages, mostly. This comes with a stipend, facilities and a great live learning experience.  The main objective of any fellowship is that, at the end of the fellowship, both the institution and the fellow must have received something useful from each other. India offers a huge number of opportunities to scholars who strive to work abroad and learn at the same time. The applications are received every year from so many people, which go through a selection process.  Every fellowship has its own value, eligibility list and selection criteria. Out of an ocean of fellowships here we have one that is opened every year for Indians. Ms. Agatha Harrison Memorial fellowship is awarded to Indian Nationals at St. Antony’s College, Oxford, U.K.  This fellowship is open only for Indians. The tenure of this fellowship is one year, which can be extended to a maximum time of two years based on performance of the fellow.

Fellowship Value

The fellowship provides an amount of 29346 pounds per annum. This includes stipend, travel allowance, college lunches, 6 high table dinners and other administration charges. The candidate is provided with round trip airfare in economy class.


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A Brief on The WLCI Scholarship test

India is growing every day. The number of children becoming literates is also growing every year. Not all the students who are willing to study are blessed with the money required for the same. Understanding these facts, government and other educational organizations and institutions had come up with a concept called scholarship. Scholarships come like blessing to less fortunate children who are meritorious in some field.  The eligibility criterion for every scholarship is different based on the university or institution or country awarding that scholarship. A scholarship is basically a gift and need not be repaid.

Wigan and Leigh College offers scholarship to Indian to help them pursue Undergraduate and post graduate courses in India. They offer more than 100 scholarships to students all over India. WLCI operates in more than 12 centres across the country and is one of the best training and educational institutions in India.

The scholarship

Students have to take up the WLCI scholarship test in India. Scoring high marks in this test would prove the student’s meritorious skills.  This is a unique opportunity for students to fulfill their dreams of pursuing higher education in Advertising, Fashion, Graphic design and Management. The scholarship provided is up to a maximum of 100%. These are both under graduation and post graduation.

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General eligibility to claim scholarship in India

Numbers of students yearning to study are increasing every year in India. Even parents are becoming aware of the importance of good and quality education that is ruling the modern world. Good education gives good knowledge. Good knowledge in turn gives a wise mind. A wise mind is all that you need to survive in this competing world. Be there a high paying job or a recession in the company, a wise mind can handle that all. Though everyone wants their kids to become a wiser person through good education, not everybody is blessed with the money that is needed to provide the cost of the education that is flying these days.

Scholarships – a blessing

For students who are not financially sound, scholarship is a blessing in disguise. Scholarship is basically a financial aid awarded by government, colleges or any other association, helping the student to have the education o their choice. This is not a loan. This is basically a gift that need not be repaid. Almost every other University/School/College offers scholarships. There are a variety of scholarships available, literally too many. This could be a general scholarship announced by the Government or specific to school or college or any other organization that offers scholarship. There are lot o trusts in India that conduct talent hunts every year to find the best talent and award them with scholarships.

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A Brief on Tagore National Fellowship

Tagore National Fellowship, also known as Tagore National Fellowship for Cultural Research, has been introduced in order to kindle the talented scholars/ students to join hands with others sharing the same interest. The objective of the fellowships is to rejuvenate and revitalize various institutions under Ministry of Culture.  The scheme will be open to both Indian Nationals and foreign citizens. The proportion of the foreigners will only be one third of the fellowships awarded every year.

What are the fellowship scopes?

The main idea of this fellowship is to encourage scholars with outstanding merit, to work on research projects that unravel their unexplored resources. The scholar can work in more than one institution, but will be attached to one main institution as nodal institution. The subject of research should be one that can be usually taken up with the nodal institution awarding fellowship. Still the fellow can be free to draw help and resources from other institutions as well. At the end of the project, the result must benefit the fellow and the institution. This benefits the institution and the student who works for the institution. The student explores to the extent of inquisitiveness, which anyway is the whole idea behind this fellowship.

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Scholarships of British Council

The British council is a British Organization that specializes in international educational and cultural opportunities. British Council also offers bunch of scholarships, helping the students to procure their dream education.  British Council has tie ups with lots of really good Universities, that also look forward to welcoming Indian students who are talented and worth the scholarship they provide.

Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarships

This scholarship is launched by St.John’s College, University of Cambridge in honor of Dr.Manmohan Singh who is a graduate and an honorary fellow from the same college.  These scholarships are awarded to academically outstanding Indian students to study doctoral degrees in St. John’s College. The degree could be in subjects like Science & Technology, Economics and Social Sciences, Applied aerospace engineering and energy studies. The scholarship provides academic fee, international airfare, stipend and UK Visa.

Goa education trust scholarships

The Dempo and Fomento group joined hands with British Council to help the Goan students to pursue higher education from UK Colleges in various areas like journalism, law, history and many other. This scholarship covers full or part tuition fees only. All other expenses should be taken by the students.

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Educational scholarships available in India

A Scholarship is basically a gift/ award granted to the student from a university, college or Government. This is also kind of financial aid, which need not be repaid. It is not a loan. There are many types of scholarships available all over the world. India also provides lots of scholarships through government and other services.

Types of scholarships

There are various categories of scholarships based on which the student is granted one. They are listed as below

  • Merit
  • Finance
  • Student
  • Career
  • College/University

The scholarships offered based on merit are granted based on the students’ talent in any field like sports, arts, music, dance, education and so on. The scholarships offered based on finance are dependent on the financial status of the student. The student specific scholarships are based on many other factors like history of the students, cast and medical history and so on. The scholarships offered based on career are based on the career they look forward to pursue after the education. The scholarship that is based on college or University is totally specific to the college or University that provides. They have their own conditions to provide scholarship to any student.

scholarships in india

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