How good are part time MBA programmes?

As fast as the working population gets increasing, so does MBA graduates too. Almost every other person wants to do an MBA. There are lots of new Business Schools and a variety of courses coming up every year. Now there are so many ways to procure an MBA degree too, like full-time, part-time, online, etc., Though everyone wants to do an MBA, there are so many factors that influence someone taking up an MBA. Two main reasons are time and money.

Time and money…

Working professionals feel MBA would really give them a hike in the ladder, financially and role wise. Still they are not ready to give up the current job they are into and take risk. This is when they think of part-time courses, as these courses are taken on weekends, evenings and holidays. Basically this gives a lot of choices so that professionals don’t miss work and still go up the learning ladder. Many companies also have tie ups with national and international universities and conduct classes through video conferencing and webinars for their employees. Some companies do reimburse the tuition fee for the MBA the employee had taken up. MBA is a costly affair. Everyone cannot afford taking up a full time MBA, with part-time MBA courses it’s almost half the cost or lesser. The course, the certificate and everything else is the same, except that you will do it without missing work and on an easy schedule.

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Is Correspondence MBA worth taking?

With growing advances in technology and profession, everyone does look forward to reaching the top of the work ladder sooner and sooner. MBA is a main tool that helps you zoom up the ladder pretty quick. Now Correspondence MBA/Distance MBA is one of the main comfortable ways of taking up MBA. ” Is it really worth taking one?” is everyone’s concern.

Why MBA in correspondence?

Everyone cannot afford the time and money required to do a full-time MBA. That’s when distance MBA comes to limelight. Distance MBA gives lot of flexibility and ease in going through the course and completing it. Students who join distance MBA need not attend class room sessions, instead they take up online classes and once-in-a-while classes. Writing assignments and doing projects can also be done online. So the person taking up distance MBA won’t miss work, but will effectively complete the degree. And when it comes to fee, the fee for a distance MBA is way less than full-time or part-time MBAs. This is always a good choice to go in for working professionals and mom’s taking a break.

What do employers think?

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New courses in India

India has grown a lot.. Just visit Google and hit a search for the available courses in India. Wow!! That’s what you call abundance. So many courses are already there and new courses are being initiated on and on every year. This makes the student get into more specific field they love to learn. Few of the bunch of interesting new courses are Food Technology, Gardening Courses, Special Courses about Stock Market, etc.,

New courses in Management:

Here are a few interesting and different Management courses.

  • ·Agriculture Business Management – In a country like India, this is a very interesting course to have a look at. Now farming n agriculture are going hi-fi and this in turn would help an interested student to achieve it the best way.
  • ·Apparel Management – This course is all about clothing and apparel, its creation,design and management. With clothing and apparel becoming one of the most important and vastly growing industries, This will be a nice option for people interested in fashion and quality clothing.
  • ·MBA in Biotechnology – This is an interesting course with science and management in one place. Biotechnology students are so well benefited through this course as it shows the genre’s business side. This course teaches the students how finance,statistics,bioinformatics and bio-statistics also make a part of biotechnology.The students get high posts in biotechnology companies once they finish this course.

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Are chennai colleges attracting more foreigners nowadays

However hard the climate gets in summer, we do find lots of foreigners hanging around. Chennai is increasingly becoming the education hub. It has started attracting more and more foreign students every year.

What are the facts telling us??

Chennai’s student facts show that a lot of foreign students are joining college.Mostly these students take up specific subjects. Few of their choices are Music, Pathology, Business courses,Yoga and Dance. Chinese or Korean students expect education in English, which is missing back in their homelands. This is a main reason they enroll in India. Also India has a wide variety of choices in higher education courses.

According to a report by British Council, India’s foreign students enrollment will be growing rapidly staying top in the percecentile increase with china next in the list. If according to this report, overall foreign enrollments are going to increase 32 million per year, then you can find a corresponding increase in Chennai too. Students don’t prefer Chennai in the first place though, but still this is the place they prefer after Delhi or Kolkata.

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