Colleges Offering Scholarships in India

Scholarship is a form of financial aid, provided to students, helping them pursue their education. Scholarships are given based on many factors. It differs from the type of scholarship, the college or university offering the scholarship and so on. Scholarships from colleges There are lots of colleges providing scholarships every year, all over India. The […]

General procedure to get educational loan from bank

As we learn in mathematics, there are things that are directly proportional to each other. Education and fee to acquire that education are one of the best examples I can think of right now. With lots of students doing engineering, medical and business studies in India and abroad every year, the numbers of colleges are […]

Is it easy to get educational loans in Chennai?

Education is one of the things that get costly and costly every year. Is every student around financially sound enough to pay the fees? No.  Educational loans provide a helping hand in such instances. There are lots of banks providing educational loans to students. Chennai has a huge bunch of students looking for educational loans. […]

Colleges offering fine art courses

Creativity exists in every mind that is born. Children with a passion towards creativity take up fine arts courses. Fine arts courses include courses like drawing, painting, design, media, jewelry, fashion, textile, decoration and many others. India is a land of fine arts, so we can expect so many good colleges that help developing and […]

All that You Should Know about Hindustan University

Hindustan University is an engineering college, which is headquartered in Chennai. It was founded in 1966 as Hindustan College of Engineering by Dr. K.C.G. Verghese. The college has been granted University Status by University Grants Commission in the year 2008. Hindustan University is located in so many places like Chennai, Kochi, Delhi, Coimbatore, Muscat and […]

How good is executive MBA ?

MBA degree came into existence since 19th century. Look at it now!! So many types of MBAs are floating around. Initially not everyone could hold an MBA degree. Now world has grown wide and so have the ideas and opportunities. Options, options everywhere… If a person wants to procure an MBA degree, it  can be  […]