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Merely a degree is not enough to get a job in the job market now. So it is best option to do some professional courses on your interest, HCL a leading MNC offering various certification courses with comparatively less fees. Guys its your turn, just join below and give your details. HCL Counselor wll call you and give you the details.

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Company Description:
HCL Learning covers the entire length and breadth of education, learning and training needs across schools, colleges, individuals and enterprises. Our initiatives are driven through passion, innovation and imagination to create learning interventions that are engaging, effective, and rewarding. HCL Learning is a part of HCL Infosystems, a $2.6 billion ICT Enterprise.
Program Description:
HCL takes students to the core of IT fundamentals and the most advanced cutting-edge technology. Its course modules are structured to give you the best of both worlds, academic and hands-on. Whether you are a beginner or a working professional, HCL CDC can make a difference to your learning curve and thereby to your earning curve.
Program Objective:
The current campaign is aimed at generating leads from Male/Female audience for their industrial training.

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Eligibility: Under Graduates/Graduates(B.Tech | MCA | MSC IT | BCA | Diploma)

IELTS – A Test for Your English Language Proficiency

About IELTS Exam

Since 1989 International English Language Testing System and popularly known as IELTS has proven to be the finest English assessment test all across the world and this test is basically meant to examine the proficiency in English of the candidate appearing in the exam and the test paper is designed to assess the English ability of the candidate by the experts and reading, listening, writing and speaking are the skills that are tested in this exam. IELTS is jointly owned by the British Council, University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations and IDP. This is not just an English language test but also a proof that one knows English as many of the Multinational companies and organisations are accepting it as a proof of English language skills during the recruitment process.

How to apply IELTS Exam?

We will provide you with some of the easy and convenient steps to follow while applying for your IELTS exam. First of all visit your nearest IELTS test centre and select the two best suited test dates as IELTS is conducted four times in very month to maintain proper discipline and standard of the exam. Check for the application fees of this exam in your currency on the IELTS worldwide search and also confirm with your organisation that whether you want to go for the academic or the non- academic module. Make sure that you carry a set of two passport size photographs and a copy of the passport along with you. Once your registration process is executed successfully you will be informed about the test dates, timings and venue of the exam by the test centre. This was the process if you visit the centre and submit your form but in case you are interested in filling the online form then you will have to visit their official website.

Preparation Tips for IELTS Exams

Are you going to sit in the IELTS test this year? Or Are you nervous or feel scared about the test or the results? If so then you have clicked on to the right page. Here we will give you some Tips to prepare IELTS yourself well for cracking this exam. Feel free while communicating, always remember speaking English is never too tough and it this royal language can be mastered very easily if one tries speaking it in routine tasks and daily meetings as well. The next approach towards a wise preparation towards this test to know what exactly the test demands from the candidate’s side and what are the aspects that it tests and it is generally seen that IELTS test skills and knowledge of the person. Make sure that you are well prepared for the changes made in the IELTS listening module and also strengthen your reading and writing skills for practising as many sample papers as possible. Tackle the speaking module of this test with great confidence and always remember that the first impression is the last impression. Be very wise and smart while getting yourself enrolled for a test series or for the suitable resources for the study materials.

IELTS Exam Modules

IELTS offers the candidate the freedom to choose from any of the two modules that serve both the academic and non-academic purposes. The distinction between these modules lies in the subject content of the reading and writing tests but otherwise they are graded through the same procedure. Academic Module consists of a 30 minutes listening module and this basically consist of four recorded speeches and conversations and this is the same matter in both the academic as well as the general module. The next step in this testing process is the Reading which is about 30 minutes long. This is where the Academic and the general Module differ from each other as the Academic module consists of three long descriptive articles that mostly includes non- verbal materials in it such as graphs, diagrams and figures from some journals or newspapers whereas the General training module consists of three sections in this module and in the first one contains nearly two or three factual text readings and the second section consists of the two training work related text readings and the last but not the least section consists of a long text on general interest.

In the next module that is the writing module and again the content is different for both the academic as well as the general training module. In the Academic Module the candidate is supposed to write at least 150 words and describe some of the non-verbal and the next task is to write a short essay of at least 250 words whereas in the General training module the candidate is supposed to write a letter of about 150 words and a task based on writing a short essay of about 250 words. The last section of this test is Speaking and this is absolutely same for both the modules and this is basically a short interview of the candidate taken by an expert to test his speaking skills and this the candidate is supposed to speak at length on a familiar topic.

IELTS Score Band Scale

The results of this exam are compiled under certain bands and each band corresponds to a different level of English skills.
Band 9- This is considered to be an excellent score and the candidate with this score is believed to have efficient English speaking, writing, listening and reading skills with complete understanding.
Band 8- This is also considered to be a very good band and the candidate is believed to have complete command over the language but with occasional errors.
Band 7- This candidate is believed to be efficient enough to understand the complex tasks though with occasional inaccuracies.
Band 6- This indicates that the candidate is good at the language and can understand well the content especially the familiar ones despite some misunderstandings.
Band 5- This individual is considered to be partially good at the language and can handle the most basic problems of his field.
Less than 5- These are generally considered to be poor at this language and are advised to work harder and to give the test again.

Seeking a College or a Course for Admission

Are you worried or confused about selecting a college? Are you scared that you might take a wrong decision? Or are you feeling pressurised and nervous about the test that will decide your fortune?? Are you searching for someone who can clarify all tour doubts?. Then HT Campus is here to take away all your worries and queries and offer you the most suitable answer. We have appointed very well qualified councillors all for your help. These councillors are there in your service any time you need them. HT Camus explores the various colleges in India and gives information regarding each and everything of the college and the best part is that there is an answer to the question of the student living anywhere in India, Belonging to any stream. HT Campus has got something to offer for everyone.

Are you worried about your admission into a good college? Are you afraid of landing into a wrong place? Don’t you have much information regarding the various college admissions?. Then you have come to the right place, here at HT Campus you will get all your queries cleared by our talented and qualified councillors. HT Campus gives you information regarding the various colleges in India and the colleges could be Engineering colleges, Travel colleges, Animation , Management , Computer colleges, Fashion, Arts, Medical colleges and so on. Not only about the various streams, one can get information about any college in India. Here you will find each and every kind of information varying from the lightest point to the most important one. The various features of the HT Campus will definitely satisfy your each and every query for example in the tool kit the college comparator section gives you full freedom to compare the various qualities and features in different colleges in the country and the Match colleges section enables you to find and match the college according to your needs, the salary calculator helps you know how much can you earn after pursuing a particular degree.

HT Campus is not only a carer councillor; it is a tutor as well. Here at the HT Campus you will find challenging sample test papers for various entrance exams held in India like GATE, CAT, many other engineering and medical entrance tests, Olympiads, NTSE, LAW etc. and as well as mock test papers for the various tests held in the several universities in India. Not only the sample papers it also gives you the tips and tricks required to crack the various entrances exams.

Not only in India, the Study Abroad section of HT Campus explores the various courses in colleges in other countries as well. So in short this is a complete package that can lead you to a successful life. Remember a doubt left unanswered could give birth to many glitches. It is essential to get cleared all your doubts. So come join the HT Campus now, here is the registration form in front of you, fill it and get yourself registered to the college of your dreams.